BioWare Faces New Issue As Players Reveal Gear In Anthem Is Useless

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BioWare is facing yet another possible issue as gamers have found out that having high-level gear in Anthem does not do anything special. The bugs plaguing Anthem have had a great effect that appears to be the norm rather than the exception.

For a number of analysts, what players claim are bugs is apparently a core problem inherent with Anthem. Many of these issues can be traced to the game's power scaling system. In general, power scaling refers to getting the power of an individual by comparing it to others.

In the case of Anthem, a Reddit post made by user TemperHoof said that he did the math, collected data, and even went as far as making spreadsheets with the goal of proving that gear in the game has no impact. According to TemperHoof, it took "three days and three sleepless nights of spreadsheet writing and testing, not to mention countless loading screens."

The post focuses mainly on the Power Scaling added in Patch 1.03 and is a treat for those who love numbers. TemperHoof's report says that there is no point to the combined power score, as the game simply takes the average of what is currently physically equipped as long as it is not level one. The game then combines all of that and turns it into a variable in order to choose a random multiplier that is not related in any way to the equipment you have.

For example, since the game does take a level 1 gear into consideration, it means that you can remove pretty much every item and leave one piece of a 75 power item. This would result in the player having a maximum power score of 75. Now suppose the player equips two legendary weapons, two legendary gear, one epic support, and six components with one of them being legendary and the rest masterwork. While the sum is 718, the actual power score is just 65.

BioWare has recently responded to player criticisms of the game. One reddit user by the name of Darokaz revealed that he checked with the development team and was told that "this will be fixed in the next game update, 1.0.4."

It is not surprising that Anthem faces growing pains-type issues, considering that the game was recently released a month ago. That said, BioWare needs to deal with these issues faster, and the way things are turning, it appears the development team is on the losing end.

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