Beyond Good & Evil - 20th Anniversary Edition Launching June 25 on Various Platforms

Time for a celebration. Ubisoft

Ubisoft announced that Beyond Good & Evil - 20th Anniversary Edition is coming out this June 25. It's coming out for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Amazon Luna, and GeForce Now. The game is also being released for the PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, and the Ubisoft Store.

This version brings back the classic adventure game though it arrives with a bunch of new features. The updated visuals for example can now run for up to 4K resolution and 60 FPS.

Meet Jade

The game puts players in the role of Jade, a penniless young photographer who also serves as a lighthouse keeper, orphan caregiver, and martial artist. They go on an adventure exploring Hillys, a watery planet that's under constant threat from the DomZ aliens. Accompanying them is Jade's adoptive uncle Pey'j. Initially, Jade is there to document the local wildlife in the hopes of earning enough money to survive. However, the duo is suddenly recruited by a clandestine news network who are working to expose the truth behind the DomZ attacks.

A Combination of Genres

One of the game's key features is that it combines gameplay from various genres. The game for example lets players knock those aliens in fluid combat encounters through the use of a daï-jo staff. There are also stealth sequences where they are tasked with trying to sneak past lethal guards. Players can also pilot a hovercraft and fight massive creatures while trying to win explosive races.

The game also has competitive minigames for players to try and master.

Treasure Hunt

Beyond Good & Evil - 20th Anniversary Edition is also offering players new content to discover. There's a treasure hunt where they need to look for clues that direct them across Hillys and offer in-game cosmetic rewards which not only tie into Jade's past but also to the pirates of Beyond Good and Evil 2.

Updates Introduced

This edition also introduces updates to the game that players are sure to love. There's autosaving for example along with cross-saves across all available platforms. Players can also look forward to the remapped controls, which come with full support for controllers, keyboards, and mice. Another improvement is the ability to skip cutscenes.

Finally, fans can enjoy fresh insight into the development of the 2003 original with the new Anniversary Gallery. It features previously unreleased art, videos, anecdotes from developers, and other never-before-seen content.

What do you think? Excited for Beyond Good & Evil - 20th Anniversary Edition to come out?

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