Beta Version of Farsiders Now on Steam

Get ready for an adventure across time. Gambit Ghost Studio

The beta version of Farsiders is now available on Steam. This hack-and-slash role-playing game is set in a stylized futuristic cyberpunk world and features a unique mix of captivating gameplay and immersive storytelling.

The game is divided into six different acts, with each having its own set of challenges, mysteries, and surprises. For now, the beta version only offers the first five acts, which should be enough to give everyone a taste of what the game is all about. The sixth and final act is expected to be released through an update.

In a statement, the team at Gambit Ghost Studio revealed that while most players expect a complete story, doing it this way guarantees that the game experience is both polished and stable. They also said that this allows them to maintain the overall game stability while resolving any potential bugs or issues. They assured everyone that the wait is going to be worth it.

Plans After Act 6

Once Act 6 is released, the team intends to add difficulty levels to ensure that the players are engaged and exhilarated. Another plan is to go for language localization with Thai being the first one to be implemented. More languages will be added down the line.

The team will then release a robust save system through an expanded range of save slots. This should allow players to have more freedom in exploring different gameplay scenarios.

Stopping the Soul Syndicate

The game invites players to take on a journey between the past and the present across a world filled with magic and technology. Players get to join the youngest member of Spectralon, Cassandra or Cassie. She encounters the notorious terrorist group known as "The Soul Syndicate" and things take a turn for the worse when they use dark magical forces to open a mysterious portal. This caused Cassie to go through time and into a mythical realm, all to stop the Soul Syndicate.

Game features are:

  • Combat
    • The combat system is a real-time hack-and-slash.
    • Players get to unleash skills and go against more than 30 different types of enemies.
  • Technology and Magic
    • As a member of Spectralon, players can choose any weapon they want.
    • Collect as many spell cards as possible and combine them with Spectek weapons to defeat enemies.
  • Voyage
    • As Cassie journeys to another realm, people consider her a Farsider.
    • Enjoy an adventure between the new world Ostahl and the old world Tellune.
    • Explore and lead Cassie through this mission to learn the secrets of the magic realm.
  • Discover the Legends
    • During the mission, players get to meet different characters and even encounter famous heroes like Lancelot.
    • Get to know their story and embrace new friendships.

Get Farsiders on Steam now.

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