Best Games Of The Year 2016: Bob's Picks

Firewatch takes my personal Game of the Year spot in 2016
Firewatch takes my personal Game of the Year spot in 2016 Campo Santo

It’s the end of the year, so that means it’s time to make the Best Of lists for gaming. 2016 was probably the year I personally played the most games out of any year in my life, so that made this list even harder to complete. 2016 may have been a terrible year overall, but gaming (and professional wrestling) really had something special going on.

Anyway, here are my best games of the year. This list is no definitive iDigitalTimes Best Of list, it’s just the games I personally felt were the best ones this year. Disagree with me? Make your own Best Of list in the comments, and we can compare our thoughts.


After many delays, the anticipated first-person shooter game SUPERHOT finally came to both PC and Xbox One in 2016. While short, this innovative shooter had some of the coolest mechanics I’ve seen in years: time only advances forward while you in motion. Stand still, and bullets will hover in mid-air around you. Add a mind-bending story, and you have a really fascinating game.

Along with the story, there are added modes that restrict what you can and cannot do. For example, one mode makes every gun only have one bullet in it, and a different mode forces you to play with melee weapons only.

6. Titanfall 2

I’ve said multiple times in the past that I loved the feel of the original Titanfall, but I wanted more for it than a handful of multiplayer maps with a comparatively dead community. Thankfully those at Respawn listened and made not only a single-player campaign, but one that was fun and interesting to play. The relationship you form with the Titan BT is entertaining, and BT proves to be the best robot companion since Half Life 2’s D0g.

Of course, add a multiplayer game on top of that and you’ve got yourself a Best Of contender. Time will tell if Titanfall 2’s community will last or fade away, but things seem somewhat promising so far, and the addition of free updates in the future will help keep interest alive. Take a look at our review, here.

5. The Witness

The Witness is maddening on so many levels. The puzzles are frustrating, the lack of direction makes you wonder if anything or everything is some kind of clue and the worst part is that at the end of the day, I still want to keep going and know more.

Beautiful graphics, seemingly simple, but incredibly deceptive puzzle design and an ambient feeling like you actually are on this mysterious island all combine to make The Witness one of this year’s stand-out games.

4. Overwatch

Overwatch will appear on the top of many Best Of lists this year, and rightfully so. This multiplayer shooter is so filled with creative characters, wonderful animation, a backstory you can sink your teeth into and a thriving community that is maybe a little TOO into the game.

This is an online shooter for those who don’t like online shooters. If you’ve ever been turned off of the genre as a whole, at least try out Overwatch. There’s bound to be at least one character you'd like to play as and see success with.

Oh yeah, and keep those amazing animated shorts coming!

3. Pokémon Sun and Moon

In our review, iDigi called Pokémon Sun and Moon the best Pokémon game ever, and with record-breaking sales, it seems others agree. What Sun and Moon do brilliantly is take the basic Pokémon experience and simplify it in areas that are the most clunky. The best example is the PokéRide system, which eliminated the need for HMs and for players to lug around a Pokémon he or she may not want, simply because it can use Fly or Surf.

The new Alola Pokémon are also fun, with some creative creature designs on display. Taking older Pokémon and giving them the “Alola” treatment was also fun to see.

2. Uncharted 4

Another strong contender for the 2016 Game of the Year, Uncharted 4 continues the Uncharted legacy of telling amazing stories and having amazing graphics. Some may complain that Uncharted’s gameplay isn’t as entertaining as other games or the platforming doesn’t feel as good, but look at the bigger picture.

Uncharted 4 has amazing graphics, especially facial animations. The score is top-notch and the performances are some of the best in gaming. The story is entertaining and the pacing keeps players engaged at all times. All these combine to a really fantastic total package. (Check out our review, here.)

1. Firewatch

If we’re looking at the one game from 2016 I’ll remember playing for years, it’s easily Firewatch. This game tells such a terrific story that giving away anything here would do it an injustice. The way it makes you feel every feeling, from joy to sadness, fear, anger, frustration, in five to six hours is astounding.

Of course, a fantastic art style really helps Firewatch stand out, as does the knockout performances from the two leads, Cissy Jones and Rich Sommer. I’ve been gushing about this game all year, and now that it’s out on all platforms, there’s no excuse to not play it.

So what do you think? Do you agree with any of my picks? What game do you think is the best of 2016? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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