Best Dogecoin Casino 2022 - List of Dogecoin Gambling Sites

List of Dogecoin Gambling Sites
List of Dogecoin Gambling Sites Pixabay

Dogecoin could easily be considered one of the most unique cryptocurrencies on offer simply since this alt-coin initially started as a meme! Dogecoin was first launched in 2013 and can be similarly compared to Bitcoin. Though Dogecoin may not be considered as popular as Bitcoin or Ethereum, this alt-coin has fought off the naysayers and found itself within the top 20 list of cryptocurrencies. Since its launch, Dogecoin has become vastly popular and can be found on various online casino platforms. We’re here to take you through everything Dogecoin gambling, and of course, all the best Dogecoin casinos.

About Dogecoin and Dogecoin Casinos


Dogecoin was initially launched in 2013 but it wasn’t until much later that it gained a fair bit of traction within the crypto sphere. Eventually, Dogecoin had developed a strong social media following and began to thrive considering it had initially started as a meme coin! Dogecoin is a peer-to-peer open-source network. Dogecoin was initially founded by software engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, and this cryptocurrency could be considered the embodiment of decentralization. Dogecoin may have started as a meme coin, however, through its own community’s efforts, it has become vastly popular even seeing backing from Elon Musk’s company Tesla, which accepts Doge payments at Tesla charging stations. Plus, Doge is an official sponsor of Premier League Football Club Watford.

Dogecoin Casinos

Online gambling has become increasingly popular, especially online sports betting, though playing or betting online with cryptocurrencies is still in the process of reaching the mainstream. But it is undeniable that more online casinos are beginning to accept wider varieties of cryptocurrencies. There is an increasing demand for the use of cryptocurrencies as payments, and this can be seen through massive corporations like Tesla, which is starting to adopt cryptocurrency payment options. Both the rise of cryptocurrencies and online gambling have contributed to the number of Dogecoin casinos on offer today.

What is Dogecoin?

How Does Dogecoin Work?

Dogecoin is like any other cryptocurrency that can be bought, sold, and stored. Interestingly, Dogecoin can actually be similarly compared to Bitcoin. This is because Dogecoin and Bitcoin are both decentralized blockchain networks and utilize a proof-of-work consensus method. One of the most significant differences between Dogecoin and Bitcoin lies within the fact that Dogecoin does not have a lifetime cap on the number of Dogecoin that can be created. Whereas Bitcoin has a lifetime cap of 21 million Bitcoin that can be created, which essentially makes Dogecoin far more inflationary than Bitcoin. Dogecoin, on the other hand, processes transactions faster than Bitcoin as Dogecoin miners can more efficiently complete complex mathematical equations needed to operate, as well as record the actual transactions within the Dogecoin blockchain.

Dogecoin Token

DOGE is the native token of the Dogecoin Blockchain. Dogecoin has a circulating supply of 132.67B DOGE coins and a market cap of $11,816,065,981, with a value of 1 DOGE equivalent to $0.08905.

Though Dogecoin might have reached an infamous status when a group of Dogecoin fanatics sparked a trend on social media platforms, such as Reddit, and stated that they were going to propel Dogecoin’s value. Eventually, this trend blew up, and “To the moon” was born. Though Dogecoin may have seen massive gains in its stint of popularity, the coin is still extremely inflationary: meaning it serves more relevance within payments and is not a good cryptocurrency to store!

Best Dogecoin Casinos

As popular as Dogecoin may have become in recent years, due to intense volatility, investors are still hesitant toward Dogecoin. Dogecoin is more difficult to find than other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, when browsing through online gambling sites. Its extreme volatility or questionable social media stunts might have played in that. There are certainly more than a handful of established and reputable online casinos that accept Dogecoin, and we’ve sifted through all the top Dogecoin casinos so you don’t have to!

#1 BC.Game


BC.Game has to be our absolute favorite online casino that accepts Dogecoin simply because it’s a jack-of-all-trades in the industry offering a little something to all online gamblers. BC.Game is licensed under the Curacao gaming authorities, this online casino not only boasts a fully licensed casino platform but also a variety of casino games provided by a handful of the most popular software vendors within the industry including NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, and BetSoft.

Not to mention that BC.Game has some rather interesting bonuses available, where players are invited to join BC.Game’s social atmosphere and be rewarded bonuses through participating in the online chat! This online casino has a ton of features to boast from an arsenal of over 2,700 casino games and 25+ provably fair in-house games, sports betting options, as well as a fantastic range of bonuses including a VIP rewards section.

One of BC.Game’s most impressive features lie within the variety of cryptocurrency payment options gamblers can use to play some of the highest quality casino games, and of course the options include Dogecoin.

BC.Game BC.Game

Main Features:

  • Navigable and Captivating Design
  • Superior Bonuses
  • Wide Variety of Games
  • Sports Betting
  • Various Cryptocurrencies Accepted
  • Community Features

#2 Stake

Stake Stake

Online sports betting has become vastly popular in recent years and Stake has been at the very forefront of this rise in popularity. Stake is an official betting partner of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, as well as a sponsor of the Premier League Football Club Watford. These achievements have placed Stake as a top online sports betting platform, which is also fully licensed under the Curacao gaming authorities. This platform focuses more on online betting, but it still offers a good variety of casino games.

Stake doesn’t offer a straightforward welcome bonus like many of the other top Dogecoin casinos. However, Stake has made a variety of cashback rewards and VIP bonuses available to its players.

Of course, Stake offers the opportunity to play casino games as well as sports betting with Dogecoin. Stake is another online casino that heavily focuses on the community aspect of online gambling, where players can also be rewarded for participating in the online chat!

Stake Stake

Main Features:

  • Superior Sports Betting
  • Good Variety of Games
  • Sleek Design
  • Various Cryptocurrencies Accepted
  • Co-operates With Popular Figures

#3 BitStarz

BitStarz BitStarz

If you’re all about casino games, BitStarz is most certainly the casino for you. BitStarz is fully licensed under the Curacao gaming authorities and has been in operation since the early stages of online gambling. This long involvement within the online casino industry has made BitStarz extremely popular among online gamblers. BitStarz offers a great variety of over 4,000 casino games, however, this online casino platform does not offer any sports betting options. BitStarz has cooperated with an army of the top software vendors in the industry to bring players an extremely wide variety of casino games.

This great range of casino games as well as a handful of alluring bonuses has kept BitStarz among the likes of the top cryptocurrency casinos within the industry. BitStarz offers a good range of bonuses whereby both new and existing players may benefit, making it one of our top Dogecoin casinos.

BitStarz has been a popular platform for online casino goers for a considerable time now and these features are more than likely the reason. BitStarz not only has an extremely navigable site but has also uniquely added a news section to its platform allowing players to be more clued up on the casino’s recent activities.

BitStarz BitStarz

Main Features:

  • Cooperates with Many Developers
  • Huge Range of Casino Games
  • Good Bonuses
  • Elaborate Design
  • Long-standing casino


Online gambling and cryptocurrencies are certainly on the rise, and with this increase in popularity, we are likely going to see far more online casinos accepting Dogecoin and other alt-coins. It’s no secret that the online casino industry is booming and with the various benefits included when online gambling with cryptocurrency, it’s no wonder the demand for these casinos has increased so greatly.

We hope you can agree with our list of top online casinos. This list was curated with all online gamblers in mind, and each of these Dogecoin casinos has wonderful features that will surely lead players to a thrilling Dogecoin gambling experience!


Why is Dogecoin So Popular?

Cryptocurrency as a whole has become majorly popular in recent years, and for a variety of reasons too. Dogecoin, like many other popular cryptocurrencies, has various features that can benefit stakeholders. Decentralized blockchain networks offer extremely fast transactions, low fees on transactions, and provide great security benefits due to their decentralized nature. Today, many companies accept crypto payments like Dogecoin which makes the payment process more efficient.

How Can I Store Dogecoin?

Dogecoin can be stored within the exchange you had initially purchased or within an e-wallet. Certain cryptocurrency exchanges do not promote online gambling and may have restrictions on the cryptocurrency you have purchased. E-wallets can oftentimes help keep one’s anonymity, as certain wallets do not involve third parties when storing information, such as passwords, etc. When storing Dogecoin in a wallet, you need to choose a wallet app, create an account, and then send your Dogecoin from the exchange to the wallet address of your account. Always remember to directly copy-paste this address to ensure all the characters are correctly entered, and then it’s best to double-check!

Is it Safe to Use Dogecoin?

Cryptocurrencies are known to be extremely volatile, Dogecoin is known for being especially inflationary even among cryptocurrencies, so this does increase the overall risk when storing cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin. However, when using Dogecoin to complete payments, there are extreme benefits in terms of transaction speeds as well as anonymity. We do recommend you purchase and store an excessive amount of Dogecoin. If you’re curious about playing a few casino games and invest very little into the experience, the risk is greatly mitigated.

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