The Best Deals On Third-Party Controllers For The Xbox One

Decent alternatives to the regular Xbox One controller.
Here are some of the best deals on third-party controllers for the Xbox One.
Here are some of the best deals on third-party controllers for the Xbox One. Amazon

Finding a decent Xbox One controller can be a challenge, especially if you do not want to go the route of the regular Microsoft offering. There are tons of reasons for this – maybe you want a cheaper alternative that still has all the same functionalities, or maybe you want to go fully wired just because you’re more comfortable with that. Maybe you want something that’s a little more retro, or maybe you want to go for something with a different aesthetic. Whatever the case may be, here are some of the best third-party controllers for the Xbox One.

PDP Wired Controller for Xbox One

One of the recurring reasons to go for third-party options with a controller for your Xbox One is the price difference, with the latter being more affordable than regular controllers. The PDP Wired Controller for Xbox One, for instance, can be had for a measly twenty bucks, yet it still boasts great quality and features. It comes in a lot of neat colors, too, which allows you to pair it effectively with a ton of custom Xbox One consoles.

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The PDP Wired Controller for Xbox One is fully compatible with the entire Xbox One family of consoles, including the Xbox One, the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X. You can also use it for playing on your PC, and the wired aspect makes it that much better for players who prefer their controllers to not be dependent on batteries. The sleek design features non-slip grips with textured trigger and shoulder buttons for an incredibly smooth gameplay experience, while the 3.5mm audio jack is there for direct support of chat functionality across all compatible titles.

CHASDI Xbox One Wireless Controller

There’s something to be said with controllers that have translucent shells, as there is a surprising fanbase behind the clean aesthetics in it. If you’re one of those players, then consider getting the CHASDI Xbox One Wireless Controller, which comes in a cool-looking translucent blue shell that reveals the controller’s inner workings. It’s also fully wireless, which is great for players who want to play on their couch uninterrupted with wires and such. The white face buttons also give it a very clean and minimalistic look, and as such it can easily be paired with the white Xbox One S consoles for best results.

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The CHASDI Xbox One Wireless Controller is fully compatible with the Xbox One family of consoles, which includes the Xbox One X, Xbox One S and regular Xbox One. The wireless connectivity also allows for seamless integration with Windows 10 devices, meaning you can pair it quite effortlessly with your PC. Inside the shell you’ll find LEDs, which take advantage of the controller’s translucent shell to give it a fancy glow in the dark look; if you think that’s too tacky, the controller also allows the LEDs to be turned off at your leisure. The CHASDI Xbox One Wireless Controller also has non-replaceable built-in rechargeable batteries.

Hyperkin X91 Wired Gaming Controller

Smaller-bodied retro-style controllers are making a comeback in a pretty big way, as made evident by third-party controllers for the Nintendo Switch styled in the mythical design of the SNES controllers. If you want something that’s fairly similar for your Xbox One, then it’s best to get your hands on the Hyperkin X91 Wired Gaming Controller, which features all the great things you’ve come to expect from a regular Xbox One controller – but in that oblong body with no elongated grips. Despite the retro design, the controller still goes for modern ergonomics, which gives it amazing comfort even through prolonged use.

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The Hyperkin X91 Wired Gaming Controller features premium build quality that’s to be expected of the brand, along with some finely-tuned button positioning to give the controller intuitiveness despite the retro design. It’s fully compatible with the Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X, as well as Windows 10 PCs. The controller is wired, with a thick cable supporting the connection through a USB-A port for maximum compatibility with tons of other USB-powered devices. You can also can get it in four colors to fit your build and style – black, blue, red, or white.

Razer Wolverine Ultimate

This next controller is a bit on the more premium and expensive side, but seeing as it carries enhanced features, it may be extremely worth it for those serious about their Xbox One gaming. The Razer Wolverine Ultimate is one of the most premium controllers for the Xbox One, second only to the Xbox One Elite controller.

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The Razer Wolverine Ultimate features complete customization through its face buttons, with interchangeable thumb sticks and D-pads to really fit your unique play style and gaming needs. The controller also includes ergonomic multi-function buttons on the back, giving you an advantage through custom button mapping in the most competitive of games. Below the D-pad and right thumb stick you’ll also find some quick control panel buttons for your comm functions. Of course, this being a Razer product, the controller also has support for Razer Chroma lighting which you can fully customize with the Razer Synapse tool.

PowerA Spectra Enhanced Illuminated Wired Controller

In about two weeks’ time, renowned third-party controller maker PowerA will be releasing their latest offering for the Xbox One. The PowerA Spectra Enhanced Illuminated Wired Controller is a good-looking piece of hardware that can easily match a regular Xbox One controller in terms of feature sets, while still offering its own in order to stand out. The controller is also fully wired, which makes it perfect for those who still want to game the old-fashioned way; the wires also come fully-braided, complete with snap-lock features and inline release for a more intuitive experience.

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The PowerA Spectra Enhanced Illuminated Wired Controller comes with seven vibrant color LED edge lighting zones, giving it a really stylish feel. It also has advanced mappable gaming buttons at the back, while a 3-way trigger lock will give you extra control over your game in first-person shooting titles. The analog thumb sticks are also precision-tuned for the snappiest experience, with anti-friction rings built in to keep your controller free from wear and tear as long as possible.

So, what do you think? Which of these great third-party alternatives for the Xbox One controller will you be picking up? Let us know and stay tuned for more recommendations from us for the best deals on the best things in gaming, from peripherals and hardware, to toys and various accessories.

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