The Best Beats By Dre Products On Amazon

Get the best Beats by Dr. Dre deals.
Get the best Beats by Dr. Dre deals. Amazon

Having a good headset is important whether you're listening to music, playing games, or watching movies. It's not just about the quality of the sound, but also the durability of the product itself. There are a number of different products available. However one of the best in the market is Beats by Dre. Here are some of the best you can see on Amazon.

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Beats Studio3

Experience premium listening.
Experience premium listening. Amazon

Let's start with the obvious, you have no problem when it comes to aesthetics. You can buy this wireless noise canceling over-ear headset in different colors.The pure adaptive noise canceling delivers a premium listening experience with its ability to actively block external noise. The real-time audio calibration means that clarity, emotion, and range are preserved.

Designed for long-term wear, the soft-over-ear feature has advanced venting and combined with the ergonomic pivoting, allows for a custom and flexible fit for any head shape. These headphones come with a number of accessories like a USB 2.0 charging cable with a 10-minute charge giving you three hours of play.

Beats Solo3

Designed for sound.
Designed for sound. Amazon

The Beats Solo3 wireless on-ear headphones are able to deliveer fine-tuned acoustics with premium playback. Powered by the Apple W1 chip, it can offer battery life of up to 40 hours. In addition, a 5-minute charge is enough to give you three hours of playback.

The ear cups are cushioned and adjustable, which means you can customize your all-day listening comfort. The design allows for optimal sound delivery and comfort.

Beats EP

Experience masterfully tuned sound.
Experience masterfully tuned sound. Amazon

The Beats EP on-ear headphones delivers you sound the way it was meant to be heard. These headphones serves as a good introduction to this product line as it offers balance, breadth, and clarity. The frame is reinforced with stainless steel making it durable. Meanwhile the adjustable vertical slides give you personalized comfort. Designed for everyday use, this one is comfortable, lightweight, and tough.

The Beats EP is available on Amazon in Black, Bue, Red, and White.

Powerbeats Pro

Built for elite athletes.
Built for elite athletes. Amazon

Total wireless, the Powerbeats Pro earphones are built for elite athletes. Having no wires, they guarantee that every performance is optimized. The secure-fit earphone can be customized while the multiple eartip options allow for extended comfort. In addition, they are made to stay in place no matter how hard you go. Since this was built for athletes, the reinforced design makes it resistant to water and sweat allowing you to take workouts to the next level.

Beats Pill + Portable Speaker

Pure sound quality in a portable design.
Pure sound quality in a portable design. Amazon

If headphones or earphones are not your thing, then you can go for the Beats Pill+ Portable Speaker. It has a no-nonsense interface which allows you to get to your music fast. With the multi-function "b" button, you can play, pause, skip tracks, or even control your phone calls.

Available in black, red, or white, you can pair and play it with a Bluetooth device. With a 12-hour rechargeable battery, listening is sure to be fun.

BeatsX Earphones

Talk. Listen. Beats.
Talk. Listen. Beats. Amazon

The BeatsX is compact, light, and sleek, making it the perfect wireless companion. Battery life lasts as long as eight hours and with the Fast Fuel charging, guarantees that you get to enjoy clear and authentic sound throughout the day. The innovative acoustic design is able to deliver a distortion-free bass and clean treble response.

It has the Flex-Form cable which ensures a flexible fit. Whether they're hanging on your neck or playing in your ear, it is comfortable enough for an all-day wear.

Where power meets endurance.
Where power meets endurance. Amazon

Power meets endurance with the Powerbeats3 wireless earphones. Its design has been optimized to allow for immersive sound and improved comfort. Paired with 12-hour battery life, the Powerbeats3 is a good option for even the most challenging of workouts.

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