Best Amazon Cyber Monday Hoverboard Deals: Walking Is So 2015

Pink Hoverboard v2
Pink Hoverboard v2 Hoverboardsafe

I don’t like the term “hoverboard” being used for the two-wheel balancing device that blew up in popularity this year. A hoverboard needs to actually hover off the ground in order to earn that title, but maybe that’s just me being nitpicky. If you want to pick up a so-called hoverboard, Cyber Monday is your best chance to do so. Sales are going on all over the internet, hoping to dump these people movers before the fad dies out.

Here are the best Cyber Monday hoverboard deals:

EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter Hover Self-Balance Board

If you are going to buy yourself a shiny, new toy, you might as well invest in something top of the line. The EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter Hover Self-Balance Board is an ATV on only two wheels. Who needs to walk over gravel and piles of dirt when you can traverse the landscape on your baby Segway? The EPIKGO usually retails for $999.99, but for today its price has been slashed to $699.99.


700 bucks might be a bit out of your price range, so why not try something a bit more reasonable? The SWAGTRON T5 might win the award for worst product name ever, but it’s still a pretty good hoverboard. Use it to travel on the street slightly faster than normal people or around the house while wearing one of those inflatable dinosaur suits. For Cyber Monday, you can get the SWAGTRON for $249.99, which is 50 dollars off the regular price. You can also pay 100 dollars more for a pink or red SWAGTRON T1.

Razor - RipStik Electric Casterboard

This isn’t technically a hoverboard, but it’s way better. The RipStik is a two-wheeled ridable that you usually have to swivel to move forward. Razor dumped a battery into one of their boards, giving us the Electric Casterboard. It moves quick, holds a reasonable enough charge and can get you where you want to go like a normal person. It’s on sale for $139.99, which is 40 dollars off, at Best Buy.

Hoverboards are still banned in NYC, but if you live in the rest of the world, don’t be afraid to pick one up. They are easy to use and you only look like a little bit of an idiot riding one.

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