Beasts of Bermuda: Titania Now Easy on Resources in Patch 1.2.0033

Beasts of Bermuda
Beasts of Bermuda Steam

Beasts of Bermuda, a game developed by Sastrei Studios that lets you play as a dinosaur of your choosing, has a new update available for download on Steam. Patch 1.2.0033 brought many improvements to the game, most notably to the open-world map Titania.

Titania, for those who don’t know, is a new open-world map in Beasts of Bermuda introduced in November. While this map looks beautiful, Titania can be pretty demanding on system resources.

That is why in Patch 1.2.0033, this map now utilizes RAM more efficiently, evident when you go around the area. Titania now also loads a bit faster, especially for those who connect to the Isla Titania servers.

This update implements a nifty quality-of-life feature as well. Now, you can close the prompt that tells you whether you’d like to view your replays, thanks to the new cancel button.

Open-world Map: Titania
Open-world Map: Titania Steam


  • Admins can now remove groups from the group finder by clicking an admin-only X by the group in the group finder
  • The admin observer camera's ability now shows player's breathbar, estimated attack damage, estimated sprint speed, and current speed
  • Megaraptor now continues sprinting if the sprint key is already held down when the player stops using Slash Attack
  • Megaraptor now automatically cancels Slash Attack if the player jumps, rather than preventing the player from jumping
  • Carcass legs now rot at the same rate as the parent carcass. This means legging carcasses no longer adversely influences how fast they rot or how much food value they're worth.
  • Empty "Sand Attack" status condition icons getting stuck on the status display
  • Quickly tapping the use key no longer gets you stuck in a drinking state, allowing you to drain water sources below their intended drink level
  • The plant moving to mouth eating effect now works properly for plants that have a non-unity scale
  • Megaraptor's Evasive Maneuver now properly fully cancels when you do a regular jump
  • Teleporters no longer cause creatures to take fall damage, get stuck, or die
  • Replay menu no longer gets stuck on screen after selecting view replays and hitting esc
  • Emote wheel no longer can be opened in rare cases while replay UI is open
  • Wie's identification now properly uses a word Air instead of Water when checking aquatic creature's stats
  • Various Titania map issues

Beasts of Bermuda Patch 1.2.0033 is available on PC.

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