Beasts of Bermuda: Cackles and Claws Update Adds the Deadly Megaraptor

Beasts of Bermuda Cackles and Claws Update
Beasts of Bermuda Cackles and Claws Update Steam

Beasts of Bermuda is a multiplayer online game where you play as a dinosaur. Choose your preferred creature and you will spawn as a juvenile of that species. Talent points are available as it grows, which can be used to improve its capabilities.

A New Dinosaur is Here

Beasts of Bermuda Megaraptor
Beasts of Bermuda Megaraptor Steam

The Cackles and Claws update adds the Megaraptor as a new playable creature. Although this is a swift and deadly dinosaur, it is a fragile one.

Its primary attack is a standard bite that inflicts regular and bleed damage to creatures unlucky enough to be at the receiving end. Its secondary attack can be done by holding the attack button. Doing so will make the Megaraptor perform continuous swipes with its claws, consuming ability power in the process.

There are a few things to keep in mind when it does a slash attack. First, it causes moderate damage, but its bleed damage is quite substantial. Second, you can initiate it until you run out of ability power. And lastly, the attack stops immediately when you release the attack button.

Patch Highlights

Ability: Evasive Maneuver
  • Evasive Maneuver allows you to leap backward, away from danger
  • Once Evasive Maneuver begins, you are immune to all damage until you either touch the ground or until 1.25 seconds have elapsed, whichever happens first
  • Evasive Maneuver's jump distance can be controlled by how long the player holds down the Ability key
  • Powerful Claws
    • Greatly improves damage dealt from using Slash Attack
  • Evasive Maneuver
    • Reduces the stamina cost of using Evasive Maneuver
    • Reduces the anticipation delay when using Evasive Maneuver
    • Increases the distance you jump when using Evasive Maneuver
  • Updated Meat texture on carcasses to be shiny
  • Reset all talent points
  • Eggs now make teeny peeps when they "attack"
  • You must now take more than 0.1 damage to play a pained grunt
  • PlayerList should now toggle on with one quick tap. Tapping also toggles it off if PlayerList is open. Holding the PlayerList button (tab) brings up the PlayerList and releasing the button closes it
  • While grabbed, you now deal 33% of your base damage, down from 40%
  • When bitten on the tail, any stamina damage inflicted by the Exhausting Bite talent is now halved
  • New: Nest Raider
    • This talent takes the place of both Egg Thief and Baby Snatcher
    • Players with inherits in Egg Thief or Baby Snatcher will now have inherits in Nest Raider instead. It will select the greater value of the two talents' inherits
  • New: Aerial Ambush
    • This talent acts like Grab Size Increase, except only influences grabbing flying creatures
  • New: Refuge
    • This talent boosts the amount of shelter received from map elements such as rocks, cliffs, trees, and caves

Beasts of Bermuda Cackles and Claws update is available on PC.

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