Battlefield 2042: New Changes for Tracer Dart in Update 4.0.1

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A new patch for Battlefield 2042 is now available. Update 4.0.1 brought much-needed changes, including some specifically meant for the Tracer Dart.

The Tracer Dart Gun in Battlefield 2042 is something that players can use to designate vehicles, allowing them to track their whereabouts even when they move. However, there were some issues that plagued this particular gun, which is why the developers deployed Update 4.0.1 to fix them.

This patch finally resolves the issue where the Tracer Dart would sometimes fail to designate moving targets. Furthermore, the bug that prevented targets from getting a warning about incoming missiles when they were tagged by a Tracer Dart is now fixed.

The developers implemented a slight buff to the Tracer Dart as well. It now lasts 16 seconds, up from 12 seconds previously.

In addition, this update has removed all of the remaining aim down sight deploy adjustments made to extended magazines.


  • Resolved an issue that resulted in Voice Lines remaining scrambled after exiting the vicinity of an enemy X6-Infiltration Device.
  • We’ve done an audio pass on the X6-Infiltration Device, specifically aimed at addressing audio-overload where players place multiple devices in a small area.
  • Reduced the rate at which the X6-Infiltration Device registers audio pings upon entering and exiting an area.
  • Added more nuance to the noise emitted from the X6-Infiltration Device, resulting in it no longer producing a continuous static noise.
  • Resolved an issue that resulted in an oversized crosshair while placing the M18 Claymore.
  • M18 Claymore sensors should no longer trigger through walls.
  • Reduced the amount of healing per second the Repair Tool replenishes by 15%
  • Resolved an issue that resulted in SOFLAM targets on neutral vehicles being shared across both teams.
  • It should now be possible to place the Insertion Beacon within Smoke.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Blasco to be hidden from the minimap when firing unsuppressed weapons. You’re stealthy, but not that stealthy!
  • Updated Blasco’s Tutorial Video within the Collections Screen.
  • It should now be possible to place the X6-Infiltration Device within Smoke.
  • Reduced the effectiveness of Crawford's Critical Repair Trait from 100% bonus repair amount to 40%.
  • Irish’s APS-36 Shootdown Sentinel should no longer intercept C5.
  • Lis’ G-84 TGM missiles will now correctly detonate when impacting Dozer’s Ballistic Shield.
  • Lowered the soldier health regen delay from 7.5s to 6.5s.
  • Increased the soldier health regen from 5hp/s to 7.5hp/s.
  • Increased the health regen rate post-revive from 5hp/s to 7.5hp/s to match the new regen values of 2042 .
  • AC9
    • Increased the amount of bullets required for a kill with Medium Ammo between a distance of 50-75m from 6 to 7.
    • Increased the amount of bullets required for a kill with Subsonic ammo for distances beyond 40m by 1.
  • RPT-31
    • Reduced the amount of bullets required for a kill with Heavy Ammo under a 30m distance from 5 to 4.
  • M39 EMR
    • Reduced the Headshot Multiplier from 2x to 1.6x
  • SVD
    • Reduced the Headshot Multiplier from 2x to 1.6x

So, what can you say about the changes in Battlefield 2042 Update 4.0.1?

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