Battlefield 2042: Update 3.2.0 Introduces New Thermal Scopes

Update 3.2.0
Update 3.2.0 EA

Battlefield 2042 Update 3.2.0 arrives sometime this week and it has a lot in store for players. While not new in the Battlefield franchise, thermal scopes are going to be available in the game once the patch goes live.

There’s one major change in the way thermal scopes work in Battlefield 2042. Instead of changing the entire screen, the effect is now limited within the thermal scope itself. This means that players can see hotspots of an item only when they’re aiming down sights with the thermal scope equipped.

TR-1 Thermal 1.25x
TR-1 Thermal 1.25x EA

That said, Update 3.2.0 is bringing three thermal scopes to Battlefield 2042. The first is the TR-1 Thermal 1.25x, best used in close-quarters combat as it provides some valuable info on tight corridors and dark staircases. This thing can be equipped with the following weapons:

  • 12m Auto, AC-42, AK-24, AM40, Avancys, Ghostmaker R10, K30, LCMG, M5A3, MCS-880, MP9, NVK-S22, PBX-45, PKP-BP, PP-29, Rorsch Mk-4 and SFAR-M GL

T4 Thermal 2.5x
T4 Thermal 2.5x EA

The next on the list is the T4 Thermal 2.5x, perfect for mid-range engagements that occur in warehouses and whatnot. It can be attached to the following weapons:

  • AC-42, AM40, Avancys, BSV-M, DM7, GVT 45-70, M5A3, PKP-BP, Rorsch Mk-4, SFAR-M GL, SVK, VCAR

2038 Thermal 6x
2038 Thermal 6x EA

Players who love sniper rifles can make good use of the new 2038 Thermal 6x. This thermal scope is great for taking out targets from afar, especially those who are hiding behind a bush. This thing is equippable with the BSV-M, DM7, DXR-1, NTW-50, Rorsch Mk-4, SVK, and SWS-10.

Aside from new thermal scopes, developers are implementing a significant change to air vehicles. More specifically, aircraft flying below 30 meters from the ground can no longer be targeted by lock-ons from vehicle-based weaponry.

Here are some of the general improvements players can expect in Update 3.2.0:

  • Class Gadget: Added to Dpad UP
  • Grenade Throw: Moved to LB (Was previously Dpad UP By default)
  • Plus Menu: Moved to Y and now requires you to hold the button for a short duration before opening (was previously LB by default).
  • Default Navigation has changed to Dpad Up/Down/Left/Right (was previously Y/X/A/B by default).
  • Fixed an issue where "Show HUD Prompts" setting in options did not work
  • Optimized mouse input processing to ensure that the input is processed at a steadier rate and avoiding mouse input events processing spikes.
  • Improved the quality of death animations from explosions
  • Improved the soldier ragdoll experience after a melee takedown
  • Improved transitions between sliding and prone states.
  • Show distance (in meters) on long-range kills in the kill feed
  • Improved responsiveness of melee attack animations
  • Improve melee takedown registration on fast-moving targets.
  • Fix for takedowns not working on fast-moving elevators
  • Fix for soldiers in vehicles preventing the vehicle from receiving damage from explosions
  • Added an option called "Damage Numbers Visibility" under DISPLAY > CROSSHAIR > HIT INDICATOR.

Battlefield 2042 Update 3.2.0 is set to launch sometime this week.

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