Battlefield 2042 Will Get Nvidia DLSS and Reflex Support

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DICE and EA’s upcoming shooter, Battlefield 2042, will support Nvidia’s DLSS technology but unconfirmed if the game will also support ray tracing.

The developers have partnered up with Nvidia to give players the best possible gaming experience. That said, Nvidia recently announced that the game will take advantage of its DLSS and Reflex technologies.

For the uninitiated, DLSS stands for Deep Learning Super Sampling. It is Nvidia’s rendering technique that provides a performance boost without sacrificing visual quality. To be clear, this technology is only supported by the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2000 and 3000 series.

Meanwhile, Nvidia Reflex is a relatively new technology that reduces render latency, thereby reducing input lag. This is done by keeping your graphics card working in perfect sync with your CPU. While it has been found to reduce latency in some games, it is important to temper your expectations because it may not be significant in Battlefield 2042.

Keep in mind that the aforementioned technologies are only supported by Nvidia RTX 2000 and 3000 series. It should also go without saying that downloading the appropriate driver is needed to unlock their full potential.

Other Partnerships

Aside from Nvidia, the developers have also partnered up with different companies, including Microsoft, Polaris, and Western Digital.

Microsoft Xbox Series X and Series S are considered the official consoles of Battlefield 2042. However, the game will launch as well on PC, PS4, and PS5. It is just the partnership that may favor Microsoft's consoles in terms of performance and stability.

The game will also feature some Polaris’ vehicles like the Polaris Sportsman ATV, among many others. If you are a fan of the company’s off-road vehicles, then you are in for a treat.

Specializing in storage drives, Western Digital's partnership with the game could mean the use of SSDs to improve load times.

Fans should stay tuned for the EA Play Live event on July 22. The company may provide more in-game footage and even showcase a third game mode, which is rumored to be a nostalgic sandbox featuring some of the franchise’s popular maps.

What do you think about the developers’ partnerships with some of the big companies out there? Are you excited to run the game using DLSS?

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