Western Digital Named as Official Gaming Storage Partner for Battlefield 2042

Partnerships revealed.
Partnerships revealed. EA

Battlefield 2042 developer DICE and publisher Electronic Arts announced their partnership with different global brands, including Western Digital. WD is now the game’s official gaming storage partner. With this, players should have the best gaming experience. Learn more about what WD could provide to improve that experience here.

Besides WD, here are the other official partners:

  • The Official Battlefield 2042 Console Partner: Xbox
  • The Official Battlefield 2042 PC Graphics Platform Partner: NVIDIA
  • The Official Battlefield 2042 PC Peripherals Partner: Logitech
  • The Official Battlefield 2042 Off-Road Vehicle Partner: Polaris

New Experiences

It was early this month when everyone got the chance to see the official reveal trailer. A few days later, the gameplay trailer was released giving us an even closer look at Battlefield 2042.

The game is set to offer three unique multiplayer experiences. One of these is All-Out Warfare, which features a maximum player count of 128. However, this is only for PC and next-gen consoles. For the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the maximum is 64 players.

All-Out Warfare could be the biggest map ever in the Battlefield franchise. Be ready to experience dynamic weather, game-changing environmental hazards, and spectacular world events.

The second major experience planned to be showcased is on the upcoming EA Play Live on July 22. It’s going to be a new game type and is a “love letter” to all fans. The third one is called the Hazard Zone, a squad-based game-type and a more modern take on the multiplayer experience. More details on this are to be unveiled closer to the game’s launch.

In addition to what’s already mentioned, Battlefield 2042 is introducing the “Plus” system. This is sure to be exciting since players can customize their weapons on the spot. Players can also expect to see that the class system has been overhauled.

The first-person shooter game, Battlefield 2042, will be launched on October 22 on PC and consoles.

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