Battlefield 2042: Cheat Programs Appeared Two Months Before Game Release

Battlefield 2042
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The highly anticipated Battlefield 2042 will not be out until October. But it seems that some actors have already made cheat programs two months before the game's release.

Competitive first-person shooter games are always a hotbed for cheaters. Games like Destiny 2 and Call of Duty: Warzone have been plagued with shameless players who use any means to gain the upper hand.

The community has been very excited about Battlefield 2042 since it was announced. And just when players think that the upcoming shooter will be a fresh start for fans of the genre, hack developers also want a piece of the action.

Battlefield Hacks

New information has surfaced that there is a hacking site advertising cheats for Battlefield 2042. Some of the hacks prominently featured include an aimbot, ESP, and a cheat radar.

Players who have played FPS games before are no strangers to aimbots. But for those not familiar with them, those are programs that allow players to aim at specific targets accurately without breaking a sweat.

According to the site, their aimbot does not only stay locked in on an enemy player but also switches to a new target automatically, once the previous is eliminated.

Another cheat that the site offers is ESP. It is unclear what it stands for exactly but it will purportedly make the names of other players visible to the hacker. In addition, the ESP will display item names that are within the cheater’s vicinity.

The “Cheat Radar” will show enemies on the radar in red. It is said to be movable anywhere on the screen, and players can also resize it if they want.

The existence of these cheating programs is quite alarming, especially for those hoping for a much cleaner game.

It is unclear if EA and Criterion Software will implement a strict and robust anti-cheat system that would render these hacks useless. However, knowing that these hacks exist, this should be a priority.

What do you think? Will these hacks ruin the game? Will the developers step up to the plate and prevent these things from running in the first place?

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