Battlefield 1 Anti-Cheat Gets New Messaging After 8,500 October Bans

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Battlefield 1 Anti-Cheat
Battlefield 1 anti-cheat measures torched 8,500 hackers in October. The FairFight system continues to evolve to tackle new methods. Battlefield 1 is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. EA

Battlefield 1 struggles with cheaters as much as any competitive online game, and DICE wants players to know changes are always in the works with EA’s FairFight system. Anti-Cheat Producer Sean Merson recently wrote a blog post to allay recent community concerns.

Despite the apparent rise in cheater activity throughout Battlefield 1, the FairFight Team is working harder than ever to stop those who attempt to gain an unfair advantages. In fact, the game’s latest ban wave in October suspended more than 8,500 accounts. The vast majority of those deactivations involved aimbots that increase shooting accuracy to inhuman levels.

With so many cheaters banned at once, however, players grew frustrated with the constant ban messages that would detract from in-game conversation. Under the new system, ban posts will be collected and displayed every few hours and will only pertain to a period no greater than 24 hours. This essentially means players will be made aware that FairFight is doing its job without an onslaught of obsessive reminders.

Battlefield 1 fairfight
This is what it looks like if you’ve been banned from Battlefield 1 multiplayer. Photo: DICE/EA

Merson also used the post as an opportunity to defend against the common criticisms levied against his team. Players may occasionally see social media posts about skilled soldiers being falsely banned, but this is reportedly not the case.

“It is not possible to be banned simply for being skilled,” Merson confirmed. In fact, the man was confident enough to suggest that all posts making such claims are designed by bot makers hoping to discredit his work.

In the unlikely event you feel you’ve been falsely banned, Mercer suggests all inquiries should be directed to this link instead of using social media as a platform to voice your concerns. It’s also advised that you visit the Account Security page to ensure your Battlefield 1 credentials are kept safe from the nefarious hands of hackers.

Even though it’s only Tuesday, it’s been a busy week for cheaters in popular multiplayer shooters. On Sunday evening, the makers of the PUBG anti-cheat tool BattlEye confirmed that over 1 million players of that game were banned in January alone. Just hours ago, its highly anticipated anti-cheat patch was delayed with no specified release date. These two very different games have fallen victim to the same problem of constantly evolving methods with a steadily increasing number of hackers. Especially as in-game rewards continue to be tied to online performance, the desire to cheat becomes all the more prevalent.

In Battlefield 1’s case, the game’s final DLC will get deployed as the title officially gains legacy title status. As it finds its place in bargain bins across the world, cheating will likely remain a constant threat. In those troubled times, Merson wants you to know FairFight is on the case.

Battlefield 1 is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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