Barotrauma Enters Steam Early Access With 15 Percent Off - Check Out Some Tips And Tricks Here

On sale until June 13th.
Barotrauma is now available on Early Access on Steam.
Barotrauma is now available on Early Access on Steam. Daedalic Entertainment

Barotrauma’s entry to Steam Early Access has now officially begun, and the developers are kicking off the fact with a 15 percent discount.

The free pre-alpha version of Barotrauma was first released four years ago, and has been patched regularly with the help of its fans since then. Now, developers FakeFish and Undertow Games are once again asking for the community’s help to improve the game before finally launching an official version. You can get the Early Access of the game for $25.49 because of the 15 percent discount that will last until June 13.

Aside from the discount, the developers also released a few tips for the players.

Since Barotrauma has gameplay that is highly focused on co-operative crew stimulation, the devs advised the new players to play with friends on co-op missions instead of going solo. Finishing the tutorial is also a must before you do anything else. The single player mode can be enjoyed by experienced players, however, keep in mind that the single player mode and campaign mode have yet to be finalized.

General Tips:

  • You should be patient at all times. Don’t be discouraged by your failures, this wasn’t supposed to be an easy game to begin with. Take your time to get used to operating the submarine. There are also in-game tutorials for each class, make sure not to skip these to learn a lot.
  • Make sure that the key roles such as the Captain, Engineer, and Mechanic are taken care of.
  • The devs are currently in the process of creating VOIP, for the meantime, you can try using Skype or Discord for voice communication with your crewmates.
  • Some classes will have their own unique toolbox container found in the inventory. Of course, those tools will be of some importance to that particular class. For example, a mechanic will have a wrench, welding tool, and crowbar.
  • ‘Using’ and ‘interacting’ are different commands. If the left-click won’t work on the item, Try pressing on E.

Tips Inside the Sub:

  • You have to know where to find everything. That’s why you have to familiarize yourself with the sub. Be sure to know where the diving suits are, and where to get medical supplies and more oxygen for certain emergencies that call for it.
  • Carry enough emergency supplies at all times, but think of your crew at the same time, leave enough for them.
  • Just like any ship, the sub needs to be maintained regularly. Check the devices and machines so you won’t have to worry about them suddenly not working when you need them to.
  • Prevent power outages and overheating by putting the nuclear reactor in auto mode when not in direct use.
  • If you need to maintain a certain position, autopilot mode is advised. Use the manual pilot if you need to navigate to a specific location.
  • Both speeding up and slowing down your sub will take time, so always be careful and mind your surroundings. Accidentally hitting a wall will surely damage the body of the sub.
  • Do not even think about wearing diving masks or diving suits inside the sub when not needed. You’re wasting valuable resources and at the same time putting yourself at the risk of suffocating.
  • You can refill oxygen tanks at the oxygen generator and recharge battery cells at the recharge dock or with a battery.

Tips Outside the Sub (ruins and outposts)

  • Don’t forget to bring enough oxygen with you when exploring ruins. Carrying a relic back to the ship without oxygen is impossible, you’ll lose both the relic and your life.
  • Going out in pairs and groups is highly advised. Some major artifacts will require both your hands to carry it back to the ship, and with both your hands occupied, you won’t be able to protect yourself in an attack.
  • In some situations, you will find more than just one artifact inside. Use a hand-held sonar to know the right artifact. You can also keep the sonar on passive to view the map of your surrounding area.
  • Consider bringing a plasma cutter, it will let you cut through thin walls.
  • Always bring a harpoon gun. You never know when an alien lifeform will come out and attack you.
  • If you’re playing in campaign mode, be sure to restock the outposts because the sub does not regenerate lost supplies.

Good luck on your journey to Europa. Make sure to tell us about your experience.

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