Banners of Ruin: Update 1.1.9 Introduces Tons of New Content

Banners of Ruin Update 1.1.9
Banners of Ruin Update 1.1.9 Twitter/@montebearo

Banners of Ruin has received a major update recently that introduces tons of new content. Read further to find out what Update 1.1.9 has in store for you.

Beware of the New Mini-bosses

New bounty hunters have been added to the game. They are Castor, Scourge, and Fenra. They will be available after beating the Warden and one of them will spawn in the second street.

They are hunting down Blackfoot Infiltrators like yourself. Even if they are considered just mini-bosses, they will give you a challenging time nevertheless. They will offer a unique weapon card that matches their skill sets and can output high amounts of damage as well.

Other New Content

Aside from the mini-bosses, there is still plenty of fresh content in Update 1.1.9. There are eight new scenarios available from Level 3 and Level 5 onwards - offering many outcomes.

Eight new weapon cards and three Hunter weapons can be yours. Among the eight are four shields with varied defensive abilities. Use these tools to help you win. A total of 15 new skills and talents are also available and they have card-draw as the common theme.

Beating the Warden for the first time not only unlocks the bounty hunters but also new epic challenges for you to complete. You can choose any of these challenges when you start a new campaign.

Each one will have its own specific goals that you have to achieve to unlock a card. Many of the latest weapons, skills, and talents can be yours by completing these epic challenges. But be warned, they are called as such for a reason.

Anyway, just like any game, an update may also come with unforeseen bugs. For instance, some people have experienced soft-locking issues where the game would just stop for no reason. User @thaalud explained that the game would stop in the middle of the fight. Another user has been getting the same thing as well. They added that it usually happens when the enemy’s turn ends.

That is why the developers encouraged everyone to report any issues during their playthrough, so they can fix them as soon as possible.

Banners of Ruin Update 1.1.9 is now available on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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