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Banners of Ruin
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After a full year in early access, Banners of Ruin’s full release version is finally here. According to the developers, the game has changed a lot since its initial launch, with most of the added content due to the feedback of its passionate community.

What to Expect

For those who do not know, Banners of Ruin is a deck-building card game that lets you assemble your own deck and engage in battles using turn-based combat mechanics.

One of the biggest additions is Spitter - a new End of Street Elite variant in the Outer Districts. He has potent attacks and is also adept at hiding behind cover.

A new questline has also been implemented. After beating the Warden, the Informant will be unlocked and will give you a series of tasks you need to complete. You must prepare for the tough battles ahead and perhaps, even try out new and unique strategies that can help you win.

You must keep an eye out for each task the Informant gives you. Complete all objectives so that you will unlock the Inner Keep, which gives you access to the end game content.

You will come across two new bosses - each having new mechanics that are “radically” different from the early versions of the game, so be prepared for what’s to come.

Release Highlights

As mentioned before, the game has changed dramatically since it was launched a year ago. So, here are some of the highlights of newly added content since Early Access:

  • A whole new progression system for unlocking new characters and cards.
  • Each race now has its own unique ability that fundamentally changes gameplay.
  • An entirely new End Game, which you can access by completing the three "Informant Tasks" in each street. This changes the course of your run, and unlocks the final 2 bosses of the game! (More on this below).
  • So much new art! We even got a fancy cutscene in there!
  • The Stash system, so you can hold onto Weapons and Armour for later use, and swap at any time.

Apart from these things, the game now fully supports third-party controllers as well.

Banners of Ruin is now available on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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