BallisticNG 1.2.2 Patch Notes Include Utah Dam, Bling Pack, Custom Ship Changes, And More

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Neognosis, the developer of BallisticNG, just released a new update that makes changes to custom ships. Custom ships can now take tons of damage now compared to the normal ships. Annother new addition is the bling pack, which is a type of cosmetic that brings in gold, iridescent, platinum, and psychedelic liveries for every ship. The developers have also added in a new free track that drops you into a water processing chamber which can be found underground.

BallisticNG 1.2.2 Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:


  • Added Xpand - Menu 2 to the OST folder
  • Added Paused Playback option (enabled by default)
  • Fixed various issues with custom track music when continuous playback is enabled


  • Custom sounds are now read from their absolute path instead of their relative path (fix for regression of soundpacks not working on MacOS since 1.2)


  • Added Utah Dam
  • Fixed survival disable and survival ignore track not working on custom tracks
  • Fixed the AI not using racing lines on Arrivon Peak
  • Fixed start line position tracking issues on Luna
  • Fixed incorrect wall tiles on Tokyo Bowl and Hydrome Bed
  • Fixed the music visualizer advert replacements scaling their layout with the screen resolution


  • Rebalanced shield and weapons stats. The frontend combat stats are now also accurate.
  • Reduced wall collision damage by 30%. (survival mode has been accomodated for so damages are still the same)
  • Ship cannon fire rates are now determined by an option on the ship instead of being automatic
  • Decreased threshold for ship to ship bounce collisions
  • Rewrote airbrake drift code to properly respond to analog inputs
  • Reduced Orbitronix's grip from 10 to 5.75


  • Removed AI to Player damage reduction multipliers and rebalanced weapons around multiplayer player vs player
  • Increased minimum integrity threshold for the emergency pack from 10% to 25%
  • The energy wall is no longer collidable as it plays the fade out animation
  • The warning for AI missiles is now triggered when the AI picks the missile up
  • Fixed tremors flinging ships high on sections marked to allow out of bounds
  • Tremor damage now deals 8% first impact damage instead of 0.7 damage per physics tick
  • Increased tremor effective height
  • Increased tremor slowdown
  • Increased tremor distance from 75 sections to 120 sections
  • Reduced rocket damage from 35 to 12
  • Missiles now ignore gravity if they're flying and have a lock-on
  • Reduced missile damage from 30 to 15
  • Reduced cannon damage from 0.8 to 0.5
  • Decreased difference in cannon type fire rates
  • Reduced hunter damage from 30 to 8
  • Increased velocity loss from hunter impacts
  • Reduced hellstorm damage from 36 to 15
  • Reduced plasma damage from 90 to 70
  • Reduced tremor pickup weighting from 30 to 12
  • Reduced energy wall pickup weighting from 25 to 5
  • Reduced slowdown from cannons


  • Fixed mines being spawned with the wrong rotation

Code Mods

  • All assemblies are now loaded before executing mod registers, removing the need for ordered loading if sharing data between DLLs

User Interface

  • Fixed scaling issues with the custom race menu on ultrawide resolutions
  • Added handling of an edge case for the resolution selector where Unity might not return a resolution
  • The AI difficulty is now shown on the campaign event details box
  • Ship information overlays now scale with distance and are correctly depth sorted


  • HUD and Assists sub-menus have been added to the game options menu
  • Removed pilot assist option from the pause menu
  • Added thrust toggle option to the controls menu
  • Added option to toggle the low energy warning voice. Defaults to on
  • Added option to toggle the critical energy warning voice. Defaults to on
  • Added option to toggle AI rubber banding. Defaults to on
  • Added options to enable new steer, pitch and airbrake assists. Defaults to off.
  • Added option to set the units the speedometer uses. Defaults to metric.
  • Added option to show the racer position list in singleplayer. Defaults to off
  • Added option to show all ships on the position bar. Defaults to off
  • Added option to show shield bars in races. Defaults to off
  • Added option for the default camera mode when starting in zero-g (Kuiper Overturn). Defaults to rear chase


  • Increased minimum shield before pitting from 25% to 50%
  • AI now spread themselves apart more at the start of the race
  • Reworked AI steering to simulate steering the ship instead of forcing their rotation towards where they're heading
  • AI ships now slow down if they're exceeding the capabilities of the ship they're piloting
  • Removed AI grounding force. They will now fly just as high as the player can
  • AI now brake if they're about to hit another ship in front of them
  • Rewrote AI track navigation to be based on time instead of section offsets
  • Fixed an issue where AI would use airbrakes and/or slow down on track sections like maglock drops, loops and corkscrews
  • AI wall avoidance forces now slow the ship down and worsen the AIs racing line for a brief moment
  • Implemented optional rubber banding


  • Section floor widths are now cached on track startup
  • A warning is now thrown to the output log when there are racing lines but none are available to be used (for track creators)
  • Fixed an issue where the position tracking would not correctly track two ships on different routes if their section index was the same
  • The buffer for custom music playback is now re-used (small performance boost)


  • Added test_damage
  • Added gm_timescale


  • Reduced AI speed on the base game 1v1 events
  • Rebalanced the first half of the base game campaign to introduce experienced and expert difficulties earlier on, akin to the expansion campaigns (novice is now super easy)

Photo mode

  • Player ship trails are now swapped over to the AI trail

Outer Reaches

  • Fixed the pitlane on Caldera not being marked as a pitlane for the AI
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