Baldur's Gate 3: Patch 5 Now Available with Better AI, Huge Combat Changes, and More

Baldur's Gate 3
Baldur's Gate 3 Larian Studios

Baldur’s Gate 3 has received a new update that brings several changes, including improvements to the AI and changes in some combat mechanics.

The update is now available on PC and Mac versions of the game, so be sure to run your clients to download it immediately.

Anyway, those using Mac with the new M1 chip should get better performance when playing the game via ARM64.

Take note that because ARM64 is still not supported by Steam, enabling it will render you unable to integrate with the platform, thus disabling cross-saves in the process. The feature is still only available via Rosetta.

The new update introduces a lot of things. First, you can now save while leveling up. Second, there are new Background Goals that give your characters their own series of mini-quests based on the background you’ve chosen at the beginning.

You will receive one inspiration point every time you complete them up to a maximum of four.

For gameplay changes, backstabbing is no longer as effective as it once was. Meaning, your chances of hitting an enemy are the same as a normal attack.

In addition, NPCs can perform some basic actions that are similar to what players can do. For instance, humanoid NPCs will be able to jump or dash.

Patch 5 also introduces some AI improvements. For example, your allies will no longer be compelled to damage those who are under the effects of Sleep. This stops them from attacking subjects under Sleep to prevent them from waking up.

Patch Notes

Here are some of the highlights in other changes made by Patch 5:

  • Added Point and Click character responses.
  • Added 12 new magic items in loot and quest rewards.
  • Revised active roll UI during dialogue. This includes improved displaying of bonuses and double dice for rolling with Advantage or Disadvantage.
  • General
    • The Prone condition now inflicts disadvantage on Strength and Dexterity saving throws instead of imposing guaranteed failure.
    • Conjured familiars no longer leave blood when they are unsummoned.
    • Added XP rewards for achieving background goals.
  • Camp
    • Added Forced Rest after Goblin Celebration Victory.
    • The Talkative Skeleton can't get knocked out anymore.
    • Tweaked Shadowheart's acknowledgment of Selûne-worshipping players.
  • General
    • Disarmed characters now look for replacement weapons. Most NPCs have their own preferences.
    • AI now supports basic resource planning, allowing characters to better reason about spells that grant more resources (like Dash and Action Surge).
    • AI now reasons better about effects that give bonuses to rolls.
    • AI now understands aura effects (e.g. Silence, Gale's Necrotic aura, Flaming Sphere, etc.).
  • Stability
    • Fixed a crash when loading a save game from character creation.
    • Fixed a crash when a player joins the host while loading a savegame.
  • Companions
    • Companions now have accurate journal entries when they become hostile and leave the party.
    • When controlled by the AI, Shadowheart now properly uses her melee weapon and closes the distance with enemies.
  • General
    • Fixed not being able to move some crates.
    • Fixed lootable objects from other floors being highlighted when pressing ALT.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch 5 is now available on PC and Mac.

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