Back 4 Blood October 2022 Update Live, Patch Notes Here

Back 4 Blood
Back 4 Blood Turtle Rock Studios

Back 4 Blood is now a little more than a year old and the developer is still supporting it. The co-op zombie game received a major content update today, with the October patch bringing new content, features, and a Halloween Event.

If you are looking for a tough fight in Back 4 Blood, then you will be happy to know that No Hope Difficulty Matchmaking has been enabled. It is accessible via Campaign and Quickplay menus. Join up with other masochist players and defeat the campaign all over again.

Back 4 Blood October 2022 Patch: New Content

  • No Hope Matchmaking
    • No Hope Difficulty Matchmaking is now enabled and accessible in the Campaign and Quickplay menus. Team up with other hardcore Cleaners and make new friends slaying Ridden together.
  • Horde Indicator UI
    • This new icon on the HUD displays important information when a Horde is occurring. It shows the following:
      • A regular Horde and how long it will last.
      • A timed Horde where the timer gets filled up, indicating when a Horde will take place.
      • An infinite Horde indicator that pulses until the end of a game, or until an event that turns it off.
      • A Horde waypoint, showing where the source of the Horde is.
      • A Timed Horde waypoint that displays when the trigger point of the Horde is time-based.
  • 6 New Cards
    • New Intel Type: 5 Legendary Cards
    • 1 Fortune Card
  • Halloween Event in Fort Hope
    • No tricks, only treats in Fort Hope this Halloween! Get yourself something sweet from seasonal Supply Lines, turn up the spooky tunes, and warm up near the cauldron as the nights grow colder.
  • Seasonal Caravans
    • These Halloween Caravans run throughout the month of October and part of November, so be sure to grab yourself an exclusive Halloween Cleaner Skin or Weapon Skin before they're gone!
  • 4 more Legendary Items
  • New Sprays, Emblems, and Titles
  • New Weapon Skins and Cleaner Skins

The October update also brought tons of balancing changes for the campaign, along with tweaks to accessibility, Swarm PvE, and UI/UX. Combine all of that with a plethora of bug fixes and improvements. You can read the entire patch notes via the official site for more information.

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