Back 4 Blood Early Access Open Beta Starts Today

Ready for some blood?
Ready for some blood? Warner Bros. Games

Ready for some shooting action? Back 4 Blood has moved to the next phase: an open beta. It’s actually divided into two phases. The first is Early Access which starts August 5 and ends August 9. The open beta itself is from August 12 to 16, available to all players on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The different platforms won’t really matter since there’s cross-play and cross-gen support.

To be part of the Early Access, players need to sign up and register. However, participation is not guaranteed since the codes are limited. Those who pre-ordered the game though are guaranteed entry to the Early Access.

In addition, those who were able to join the closed alpha test back in December are also guaranteed to join the Early Access. To learn more about how to access the open beta, visit the FAQ page here.


Back 4 Blood’s gameplay is similar to Left 4 Dead. There’s the four-player cooperative games and the eight-player PvP mode.

The game is set in a world where a newly discovered parasite has resulted in a worldwide outbreak. Most of the world has been turned into what’s called “Ridden.” A group of veterans has banded together and calls themselves as the Cleaners. These are Walker, Holly, Hoffman, Evangelo, Karlee, Doc, Jim, and Mom.

Playable Modes

During the open beta, two modes are playable. The first is PvE with the option to select from Classic, Survivor, and Hard. Players get to choose from five different Cleaners and have access to a wide range of weapons and items.

The second is the PvP Swarm Mode. In this one, players can play with or against friends. They can choose to be a Cleaner or a Ridden. Regardless of which side players choose, each one has unique abilities and specialties.


Pre-order of the game is now available. The Standard Edition offers Early Access to the open beta and the Fort Hope Elite Weapon Skin Pack. Deluxe Edition also has the same perks but with these extras:

  • Base Game
  • 4 days Early Access to Back 4 Blood
  • Annual Pass: Three upcoming downloadable content drops with New Story, Playable Characters, and Special Mutated Ridden.

Ready to try this one out?

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