A.B.A. Joining the Guilty Gear -Strive- Roster Later this Month

Look who's joining the roster. Arc System Works

Arc System Works announced that the newest playable character for Season 3 of Guilty Gear -Strive- is none other than A.B.A. She'll be officially joining the roster on March 26. A.B.A. arrives to the game courtesy of a free update which also introduces a new battle stage along with a bunch of balance changes.

A.B.A was first introduced way back in 2012 through Guilty Gear XX Accent Core R. This fighter can enter her powerful Jealous Rage state once she meets certain conditions. Once that happens, she obtains greatly improved movement with different properties for most of her moves. There are times when she appears to be belligerent and even jealous, but she can also be considerate and even sympathetic to others. However, because she was brought up in a laboratory, she tends to be shy and emotionally immature.

She has a husband named Paracelsus that's currently in the form of a magical battle axe called Flament Nagel. This weapon has brainwashed a lot of warriors and even led most of them to their deaths during the Crusades. It's thirst for violence often results in the wielder fighting until the death with no regard for friend and foe. It was after the Crusades that he met A.B.A. and since then has accompanied her.

Throughout their time together, the weapon has started to change shape from an axe and is now a key. The thing is, A.B.A. has yet to notice that there has been a change in heart along with the transformation. However, A.B.A. is now on a mission to find a human body that here husband can use and is also looking into the reason for the change to his appearance.

Throughout their time together, he has begun to change shape from an axe into a key. A.B.A has yet to notice the change in heart he's experienced along with this transformation. She now sets out on a journey to find a human body for her spouse - concerned about the recent changes to his appearance, she has pledged to uncover the cause.

A.B.A. can be purchased for $6.99. She's also part of Season Pass 3, which is priced at $24.99.

New Battle Stage

As mentioned, the upcoming update is set to introduce a new battle stage. It's titled as "Fallen Prayer, Engulfed Lives" It features a clear blue sea along with a truly eye-catching monument. The coral reef overgrowth has resulted in the city becoming a tourist spot and now inhabitable for residents.

New Special Move

The update is set to add a new special move for Millia Rage. Dubbed as "Artemis," it lets Millia attack while leaping up at an angle behind her. As she leaps, she has the ability to evade low-hitting attacks or can even pass through to the opponent's other side. This results in creating a new option for Millia's offensive game while also mixing up a blocking opponent with a blistering cross-up.

Guilty Gear -Strive- is available for the PC through Steam. It's also accessible through the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X/S.

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