Azur Lane Launches Virtual Tower Event

New event is here.
New event is here. Twitter/@AzurLane_EN

A new Sardegna Empire major event is now live in the mobile game, Azur Lane. The Virtual Tower started yesterday, March 24, and runs until April 6. It introduces three new shipgirls, a new event map, and a lot of new content like new outfits and furniture sets.

Let’s start with the new event map which has four SP maps that players can investigate and learn more about the story. The SP stage, in particular, is limited to one attempt per day but grants 800 event points per clear. There is also the EX stage which can only be unlocked after the SP stage has been cleared. Players able to get 10,000 points could receive the Pompeo Magno Model limited furniture.

New and Returning Characters

Three new characters have been added to the Sardegna Empire. There is the Super Rare shipgirl, Impero. One of her skills is to increase her own aviation and launch a special airstrike based on the type of aircraft equipped in the ship’s first gear slot. Another skill allows her to increase her own damage dealt and recover HP for the main fleet or herself, depending on whose health percentage is the highest.

Next are the Super Rare Pompeo Magno and the Elite character Trieste. The Super Rare Formidable also makes her return to the game. These characters can be acquired from the construction pool.

Other New Content

In this latest event, the newest furniture set to be added is the Manjuu Campus. Then, there’s the rerun furniture set known as - Manjuu High School. The Manjuu High School furniture set is available for purchase along with different resource supply packs.

Seven new campus-themed outfits are now available. Players can log in during the event period to earn two rental outfit vouchers, which can be used on these outfits:

  • Pompeo Magno - Quaver Daydream
  • Impero - Languid Librarian
  • Trieste - Rooftop Lunch Break

Azur Lane is available on Android and iOS. The game is set in an alternate timeline of World War II where players make use of female anthropomorphic characters based on warships from the war's major participants.

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