Automobilista 2: Update v1.3.6.0/v1.3.6.1 Adds Mandatory Force Feedback Fade-In and More

Update v1.3.6.1
Update v1.3.6.1 Twitter/@ReizaStudios

Two updates have been launched for Automobilista 2 recently. Update v1.3.6.0 added new features, including a mandatory force feedback (FFB) fade-in on session start and filter functionality in the multiplayer browser. Update v1.3.6.1, on the other hand, is heavily focused on various improvements and bug fixes.

The new online lobby filter lets you specify the lobby type, the class of cars that can be used, and how long the event will last. Besides that, you can also have the multiplayer rating enabled, so you can only allow those who satisfy the rating threshold you’ve set to join your lobby.

If you’re using a third-party gamepad or steering wheel, you need to know this. The developers added a mandatory force feedback fade-in where the controller/wheel won’t vibrate for a short period of time after a certain event. In this case, the fade-in happens at session start, as well as when you’re going out of the pits after unpausing the game .

Update v1.3.6.1, as mentioned earlier, is focused on improvements. For example, the Corvette C3, Camaro SS, and F-Classic Gen3 cars have received some enhanced physics in revised engine heating/cooling and wear rates.


UPDATE v1.3.6.0
  • FFB profiles slots now reset on every return to pits
  • Clutch damage is now repaired when engine damage is repaired
  • Fixed an issue that could leave F-Ultimates in a broken state after viewing instant replay
  • Further tire carcass and tread adjustments for GTE/GT3/GT4/GT1/DPi/P1/ F-Ultimate Gen1/Gen2
  • Revised all slicks tread sensitivity to wet surface
  • Super V8: Revised tire model, suspension, inertia, included real-life setup options for springs, ride height, camber, rear wing, tire pressures, engine inertia, and added flexible axles; Added 3.27:1 final drive ratio for Bathurst
  • Puma GTB: Added dirt map; Adjusted the shift gaiter rigging; Adjusted cockpit vibrating mirrors parameters; Adjusted collision (detachable/wobbling hood)
  • Copa Truck: Added dirt map to Mercedes, VW, and MAN models
UPDATE v1.3.6.1
  • Adjusted GT1 soft, F-Ultimate Gen2 medium, and hard tread coefficients to atone for performance gains from carcass revisions
  • Further revisions to tread sensitivity to wet surfaces in high-performance slick tires
  • Super V8: Further revisions to engine inertia, fuel consumption, and fuel mix settings
  • Added F-Retro Gen2 and Gen 3 custom AI driver entries
  • Donington: Updated AI lines for both GP and National layouts

Automobilista 2 Update v1.3.6.0/v1.3.6.1 are available on PC.

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