Automachef Gets A July 23 Release Date

It's a more complicated, single-player Overcooked.
Team17 gives Automachef a July 23 release date for both PC and Switch versions.
Team17 gives Automachef a July 23 release date for both PC and Switch versions. Team17

Publisher Team 17 has recently announced the release of culinary puzzler Automachef. The title will be making its way to both the PC and the Nintendo Switch on July 23.

Developer Hermes Interactive aims to put you, the player, in the shoes of a small diner owner with the goal of automating anything and everything that goes on in the kitchen. Through the use of robots, you will create the perfect assembly line that will create each unique customer’s orders. You need to manage spatial and design limits, plan ahead for your robots’ position in your kitchen and prepare for your usual kitchen hazards such as fires or infestation (or maybe a robot uprising, but I don’t think that’s going to happen).

You won’t be alone in facing defeat and success. The player will be accompanied by Robert Person (he, or more aptly it, would like to let you know that it’s human, but it’s definitely not. Don’t let the name fool you) who will guide you each step of the way.

Automachef includes three game-modes: Campaign, a quick game mode called Contracts Mode, and free play in Test Site Mode. Team 17’s cooking fever starting with Overcooked! seems to have spilled over onto Automachef, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you like puzzle games with a unique and humorous twist, this is a game you would surely love. It kind of feels like Satisfactory with its organizing and planning elements (and also, conveyor belts) married with the whimsy and wit of Overcooked.

For those who are not yet committed to the game, Automachef currently has a free demo available for download on Steam. It should provide you with a taste (no pun intended) for the content Automachef offers. Two tutorial levels and three campaign levels are available for play right now for you to figure out its ups and downs, and to see if you can handle the pressures of being in a virtual, run-by-robots kitchen.

Automachef will be available on the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo Switch and on Steam for PC on July 23. No pricepoint for the title has been confirmed yet.

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