Auto Chess Launches Season 13 on July 22

Time to enjoy new content.
Time to enjoy new content. Sony PlayStation

A lot of new content is coming to Auto Chess with Season 13 arriving this July 22. It’s going to introduce a new theme and give us a look into a new race. Players can also look forward to a new way to play co-op.

New Race

The Civet is a race raised under the sand dunes and lived in a subterranean dungeon. This allowed them to survive not only in searing heat but also in extreme cold. They have this natural ability to sense strong sources of magic. As a result, they can mine and process different kinds of elemental gemstone that can enhance their power. This also allowed the Civet to have their own Gemstone System and Artisan lineages.

The most skilled artisan of the race is Mana. She has since joined the United Continental Army and even led the Magic Source Union. With this, Mana has been able to transform Era Crystals into Gemstone. This is why Mana has been given the title of “Gem Artisan.”

Ocean Voyage

Season 13 introduces players to Ocean Voyage. Players who open the Ocean Magic Box have a chance to get none other than the Legendary Skin Wave Assassin. Those who can reach Rook Rank earn Sharky, the new Chess Player.

There’s also a Senior Pass that can be purchased which offers:

  • Unlock the new Chess Player Mermaid Princess when upgrading the Senior Pass to level 30.
  • Unlock the Orange Chessboard: Coral Realm when reaching Senior Pass level 80.
  • Brand new chests are waiting for everyone from Level 1 when buying a Senior Pass.

New Workshop Map

The upcoming season will have a simplified Duo mode which gives more options for co-op play. In this one, eight players fight based on the basic rules. Results are then computed based on the total ranking points obtained by the player and their teammate. While sharing pieces is no longer possible, players instead share HP with their teammates. The goal of this Lite 2v2 mode is to introduce the game easier to new players.

What do you think? Ready for the new season?

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