Astroneer Xenobiology Update: New Content and Bug Fixes

Astroneer Steam

The Astroneer Xenobiology update is finally here and it brings lots of new content. Nintendo Switch users should rejoice as Astroneer is finally available for purchase in the Nintendo Store. Players who buy the digital version will start out with the Xenobiology update as the Day One patch. On the other hand, players who bought the physical version will only have content released till Update 19. So, if they want to have the latest patch, they must update the game.

New Content

Galastropods are space snails that can easily adapt as companions that will benefit the players. The space snails love treats and will become happy and energized when fed. The developers haven’t mentioned anything about the benefits though. But they have added new missions to encourage players to find these snails in their journey.

This update also improves the game performance across all platforms. Console players should see the newly improved loading times.

Astroneer Xenobiology Update

The following is still a known issue as of version
  • The Vesania Galastropod’s buff can conflict with the ability to respawn at the nearest shelter when it’s active
  • Cables on spaceports can break for clients in multiplayer games if they are picked up but not plugged into anything. Players can work around this by leaving and rejoining the session
The following bugs have been fixed as of version
  • Fixed an issue on Xbox One where the mission log screen that is displayed in Creative Mode was improperly displaying in some languages
  • Fixed a bug where clients were not seeing the beacons from field shelters when in orbital view.
  • The “From Thin Air” mission will now only complete if gas is produced by an Atmospheric Condenser
  • Mission text in the mission log will now keep its uppercasing when the mission is completed.
  • Fixed a bug where the bumpy variant of the Sturdy squash seed was misaligned when slotted
  • Fixed a bug where players were not unlocking the Wanderer Suit when playing offline or with a poor connection
  • Small canisters no longer float when placed onto medium canisters by an auto arm.
  • Fixed a bug where multiple packagers attached to an object when packaged would cause the extra packager(s) to become broken and unusable.
  • Fixed a bug where Spaceport POIs were either not spawning at all or at greatly reduced rates. Players should now see these much more frequently!

You can read more about the update here.

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