Artifact Beta 2.0 Update Buffs And Nerfs Several Cards, Patch Notes Here

Changes are here.
Changes are here. Valve

Valve’s revived card game, Artifact, received a minor patch yesterday. The patch is mainly focused on balancing changes and a handful of bug fixes. Arc Bolts has been slightly buffed and will now do one more Armor damage. Claddish Archivist and Maelrawn Pupate stats are changes to 1/4 and 0/6 respectively. Spiked Carapace will be slightly more expensive as its cost is increased to two and the cost of Exorcism is also increased to eight. Exorcism's change is temporary, as it will revert after the upcoming rework.

Complete patch notes of the update can be read below or on the official site.

Artifact Beta 2.0 July 16 Patch Notes

Hero Draft and Random 2-Color

  • Added a synergy system to the deck generator that generates decks where more of the cards work well together.


  • The courier is no longer referred to as a Tower Enchantment when you hover it on the board.
  • Trample now displays as a status effect on cards in play.


  • Devour no longer consumes stats granted by Auras.
  • Arc Bolt deals 1 more damage.
  • Resonant Constructed gained 1 Armor.
  • Claddish Archivist stats changed from 0/2 to 1/4.
  • Maelrawn Pupate stats changed from 0/5 to 0/6.
  • Terrapin Channeler gained 1 Armor.
  • Wildwing Bait changed to a Tower Enchantment.
  • Spiked Carapace cost increased to 2.
  • Exorcism cost increased to 8 until it gets a rework.
  • Axe's Culling Blade can hit now creeps, but only repeats when it kills a hero.
  • Bloodseeker’s Exsanguinate now gives temporary health instead of direct healing.
  • Chen’s Holy Persuasion gives +2 Attack and +2 Health to stolen creeps.
  • Imperia’s Skullduggery changed to: Discard a non-item card in either player's hand. That player draws another card, and it is revealed to you.
  • Imperia gains the passive Plans Within Plans: Whenever you reveal an opponent's card, give Imperia +Attack for two rounds equal to its Mana cost.
  • Venomancer’s Plague Wards now target the enemy tower if they have no adjacent enemies.
  • Bracers of Sacrifice cooldown increased to 2.
  • Keenfolk Golem now discards 4 non-item cards rather than your entire hand.
  • Satyr Magician has been given a second ability, “Satyr Magician has +Attack equal to half your unspent Mana”.
  • Shadow Wave now bounces between allies with the least Health rather than needing damaged allies, and grants +1 temporary Health rather than healing.
  • Body Modifications now has Quickcast.
  • Fog of War reworked and renamed Volatile Fog: Disarm both teams' units and give them -3 Armor.
  • Cunning Plan no longer has a restriction that you must swap with a neighbor.
  • Experience is no longer awarded for players who concede in the early game.

Bug Fixes

  • Reflect now appropriately deals with battle damage outside of the combat phase.
  • Phantom Lancer’s Phantom Rush now only buffs allied Lancer Illusions.
  • Fixed a crash related to Sister of the Void.
  • Fixed Blink Scrolls being rewarded incorrectly when towers were not destroyed.
  • Ion Shell’s targeting rules now match it’s ally-only text.
  • Claszureme Hourglass now specifies that it only applies to opponent draw effects.
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