Arrow Season 6 Episode 4: Twitter Had Mixed Reactions

Diggle is someone else, something else...
Diggle is someone else, something else... CW

The romance between Oliver and Felicity, known as Olicity, is a hot topic among Arrow fans and Season 6 episode 4, “Reversal,” prompted strong emotions and opinions on both sides. Here’s are four good reactions fans had on Twitter and two bad.


That call from Slade Wilson at the end. Who's ready for a Deathstroke-Green Arrow adventure just like old times? In Arrow Season 5, Oliver promised to help Slade find his son. It looks like he will be fulfilling that promise.

Black Siren

Will the Arrow writers ever kill Katie Cassidy’s character? Probably not. This season she’s as fierce as ever, disintegrating John Diggle’s arrow with her scream. Noticing he’s not shooting with a bow, she utters, “That’s cute.” (We were all thinking the same thing,) She also orders her whisky neat… so yeah. No further explanation needed.

Michael Emerson

Last season, Felicity helped Helix break their leader Cayden James out of ARGUS custody in exchange for their help finding Adrian Chase. ARGUS director Lyla warned Felicity he was more of a threat than Edward Snowden. Turns out she was right. Now he’s working with Black Siren on a cyberattack called Arclight that could disable the internet.

Helix Dynamics

When Felicity was paralyzed in the limo incident, Curtis gifted her with a chip from Palmer Tech that cured her spine. Curtis and Felicity have been working on a startup business and now they know what to develop. When the Legends traveled to 2046, Felicity had a company called Smoak Tech. We’ll have to wait to see if the name change means anything about the timeline.

Nothing Else Happened

The episode skipped over Vigilante, Dig’s drug addiction, Thea’s impending death and Oliver’s son William. Major questions from last season’s finale went unanswered. Aside from the introduction of Cayden James as a formidable adversary, Oliver’s call from Slade Wilson might have been the most impactful moment.


If you love Olicity, this was the best episode of the season. If you dislike the pairing, the episode probably gave you bad memories from Season 4.

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