Arrow Season 6 Episode 1: Is Thea Dead? Eight Questions About The Premiere

Caution: Arrow spoilers ahead!
Caution: Arrow spoilers ahead! Player.One

Arrow Season 6 episode 1, “Fallout,” takes place five months after the Season 5 finale where Prometheus placed explosives all over Lian Yu. We learn fairly quickly that Samantha died on the island, but is Thea dead too? Here’s eight questions we have about the Arrow premiere.

Is Willa Holland Leaving Arrow?

The writers leave us hanging for the majority of the episode -- Thea is nowhere to be found, but Oliver and the team don’t seem to be grieving her either. She’s not even mentioned once... until we flashback to Slade and Oliver on the island looking for survivors. Slade leads Oliver to Thea’s body and they both think she’s dead. Then in the last few minutes of the episode, while Oliver is visiting Wild Dog (who got hurt in a battle against Black Siren), he pops into another hospital room where we see Thea hooked up to life support. She’s presumably been unconscious in coma for five months.

Who Else Is Dead?

Aside from Samantha and Thea, Nyssa and Talia al Ghul are the only two people still unaccounted for -- alive or dead. When the episode starts, Team Arrow believes Black Siren to be dead. But it doesn’t take long for a secret to come out. Turns out, she didn’t die in a pile of rubble. Threatening Dinah's life, Quentin shot Black Siren and left her to die. At the end of the episode, we see a helicopter land on Lian Yu and revive Black Siren. Who is this man? We have yet to find out.

How Did Team Arrow Survive?

The only information we have about how all these characters survived is a plane on the other side of the island. Slade was convinced they couldn’t make it in time, but obviously the team got lucky or someone saved them. Everyone appears to be alive and well without a scratch on them, except for….

What’s Wrong With Dig?

Dig seems fine for the entire episode, but at the end he struggles to put on his shirt. He’s clearly in pain. He even sits out a mission inside the bunker. He and Dinah have become good friends, and she notices he didn’t use his gun at all to fend off Black Siren. That’s odd considering guns are Spartan’s weapon of choice. Whatever is wrong with Dig, it’s likely it’s tied to how he survived Lian Yu.

How Has Raisa Been?

Hey there, Raisa. How have you been? It's been five seaons since we saw Raisa, once a very important person in Oliver's life. She was the glue that held the Queen family together back in Season 1 and we are so happy she's back to take care of William.

Does Grant Wilson Exist?

Oliver convinced Deathstroke to help him defeat Prometheus by giving him information about his son, Joe Wilson. Slade visits Oliver in Thea’s hospital room and tells him he’s found the location of his son: Calgary Canada. Deathstroke finding his son may not seem very important, but it is if you take that possible future on Legends of Tomorrow into account. In that future, Deathstroke's son Grant Wilson became Deathstroke and took over Star City. If Slade’s son, Joe, really exists and he doesn’t have a son named Grant, it could mean that future is no longer on the table.

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Who Are The Villains?

This season of the show will feature multiple villains. Right now, Black Siren is working with a host of villains. She infiltrated the Arrow bunker to retrieve one of Mr. Terrific’s spheres, but for what? Is she working with Richard Dragon, one of the villains set to appear in the series this year? Who is this Alex Faust? Is Black Siren tied to Vigilante, the villain from last season who has yet to be unmasked? Is she tied to Anatoly’s return? Michael Emerson’s mystery character?

Who’s The Snitch?

The most surprising moment of the episode was a news report allegedly proving Oliver Queen is Green Arrow. How did the news get that photo? Is it really Oliver? With parallel universes in play, you never know. Although, I am convinced it is actually Oliver. We are six seasons into the series and it’s about time another person suspects Oliver is the Green Arrow. But whoever released this photo, what is their motive? The previews for next episode show Oliver denying his alter ego. How will this affect his stint as mayor?

Make sure to check out the Season 6 sizzle reel for clues. If you watch closely, you’ll see Oliver in a prison cell, Richard Dragon, and Deathstroke’s son Joe.

Do you have any theories? Let us know in the comments.

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