‘Arrow’ Season 5: Stephen Amell Talks Getting Grounded And How ‘The Flash’ Finale Will Affect Show

Arrow is getting a superpower-less villain for Season 5, but we won't meet he/she in the Season 4 finale.
Arrow is getting a superpower-less villain for Season 5, but we won't meet he/she in the Season 4 finale. CW

The Season 4 finale of Arrow has concluded and has left Star City and Team Arrow a little worse for wear. With Season 5 coming this fall, how will the series change, especially after The Flash Season 2 finale that will likely change everything?

SPOILER ALERT! The finales of both The Flash and Arrow will be discussed, if you haven’t watched them yet, you best turn back.

Arrow star Stephen Amell actually spoke on the topic with Comicbook.com where he was asked how The Flash Season 2 finale, where Barry went back to the day of his mother’s death and stopped the Reverse Flash from killilng her, will affect Arrow.

"I don't know," Amell said before he reiterated what he told Comicbook.com at the CW Upfronts, namely that he's ready for Arrow to go back to a more grounded world. "I do know that we’ve done a lot of work on Arrow to introduce the other shows, for lack of a better term, and now that that’s all done, we’re focused on doing the things that we do well for Season 5."

The Season 4 finale saw Ollie kill Damien Darhk and save Star City, but Team Arrow was decimated. Diggle decided to leave, not able to cope with killing his brother, and rejoin the military. Meanwhile, Thea left the team to find herself after threatening to kill Darhk’s daughter to save her brother.

Laurel is gone and even Detective Lance stepped down from his position to leave Star City. At least Ollie has Felicity, right?

And with Oliver Queen now the new mayor of Star City, Arrow Season 5 will become more focused. When CB asked Amell if his comments mean a “back to basics” approach, he said:

"Yes, that's exactly right. Arrow is at its best when we’re dealing with problems in Star City. We’re not a time-travel show, we’re not a multi-Earth show, though obviously [we do that] with crossovers and stuff like that. We’re Arrow, we deal with Star City, and I feel like we’ll be better off focusing on that."

While Arrow can do with a little reshuffling and focus, instead of launching other shows and heroes, it’s a little hard to believe Barry’s actions in The Flash will not be felt in the other DCTV shows.

But what do you think of Amell’s comments about Arrow Season 5? Sound off in the comments section below.

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