‘Arrow’ Season 5 Prometheus Theories: Every Identity Option We Can Think Of

It's the mask that makes it hard to tell the difference between Prometheus and Ragman.
It's the mask that makes it hard to tell the difference between Prometheus and Ragman. CW

The Prometheus mystery is heating up and it’s about time we round up all the potential suspects and rank them according to their potential evilness. A lot of these options are a stretch, but we can’t rule anything out yet. You’ll notice most of these Prometheus theories involve existing characters, because what’s the point of hiding Prometheus’ identity if he’s a new character? It’s also important to note the Justin Claybourne arc could just be a ruse -- a way for Prometheus to really fuck with Oliver and make him suffer. So with that in mind, here is every possible option we have so far about Prometheus’ true identity, ranked from more likely to least likely.

Kovar’s Son

If the flashbacks continue down the same path, it seems like Oliver will end up killing Kovar with Talia al Ghul’s direction. Oliver’s stint with the hood did begin in Russia, and Prometheus is said to be “collateral damage.” Kovar does end up dying, and who would want more revenge on Oliver than Kovar’s son? In the comics, his name is Leonid Konstantinovitch Kovar — a Teen Titan also known as Red Star.

Justin Clayborne’s son

“I haven’t seen my son since Justin Clayborne’s funeral,” says Amanda Westfield, Justin Claybourne’s mistress. She kicks Oliver out of her home, far from Star City, and says she will never change her mind about giving up her son’s identity, who has been MIA for four years.

Robert Queen’s son or daughter

We know Robert Queen had affairs, as did Moira. What if Robert also has a son or daughter, who is around the same age as Oliver? This child didn’t reap the benefits of the Queen name, and is after Oliver’s legacy in Star City. The writers have said this entire season is about legacy -- Oliver’s in particular. This villain will challenge that legacy more than ever before -- Good Queen vs. Evil Queen.

Adrian Chase

But wait, isn’t he The Vigilante? If comic books have anything to say about it then yes, Adrian is The Vigilante, but that may not be true in the show. Vigilante’s name still hasn’t been revealed and that may not be a coincidence. He could end up being Justin Clayborne’s son, who knows? Maybe he’s both Prometheus and Vigilante to attack Ollie on all fronts? The weapons Prometheus uses are from all Oliver’s old arrowheads, which means the villain must have evidence to the police locker -- cue District Attorney Adrian Chase. Double twist.

Amanda Westfield

“He’s doing it because he is hurt and he is scared, and I will not help you destroy his life,” Amanda Westfield says in the most recent episode. Justin Claybourne’s mistress seems pretty pissed at the Green Arrow for killing Justin Claybourne. She seemed to know her son was murdering people in revenge and didn’t care. While it doesn’t appear she has secret ninja skills, we still have to keep her on our suspect list for the time being.

Billy Malone

Somehow, Billy Malone faked his death and is really Justin Claybourne’s son. Prometheus put himself in the Arrow suit and allowed Oliver to kill him so the team would believe Billy to be dead, giving him extra cover. Prometheus knew the Mayor’s office would try to cover up the death, and that would be a way to ruin Ollie’s stint in office. Ehhh, but maybe?


I find it quite hard to believe the flashbacks aren’t going to link right up with the end of Season 5’s storyline, which would mean Kovar’s villainous role in the flashbacks could end up affecting present day. The writers even brought in Dolph Lundgren -- you don’t cast this man in the average role. Bringing in an actor like him usually means he’ll have a larger role than just the occasional flashback. He and Prometheus are Oliver’s biggest enemies at the moment… maybe that’s not a coincidence.


Once Bratva, always Bratva. Their motto could come to bite Oliver in the ass. Anatoly has warned him consequence will come for his decision to leave Russia and return to Star City. Prometheus could be a creation of the Bratva to punish Oliver for breaking their sacred oath.

Tommy Merlyn

Prometheus is said to have been created by Oliver, collateral damage for something that happened during his hood days. What if Malcolm Merlyn saved his son by bringing him to the Lazarus Pit after he disappeared in Season 1, which turned him into an animal like Thea and Sara once were? Since then, Tommy has gotten some training from Talia al Ghul in Russia and is out for revenge on Oliver. Tommy’s father, Malcolm Merlyn, is also one of the only people aside from Oliver who had access to Robert Queen’s “list,” which would give him the information he needs about the Claybourne’s and the rest of The Hood’s victims. Prometheus was also somehow able to train Black Siren into doing a near perfect imitation of Laurel Lance. Who knows Laurel better than Tommy, her ex boyfriend? The thing that really convinces me is Prometheus’ costume -- it’s a perfect blend between the Dark Archer and Green Arrow. Probably all wishful thinking, but I’m down with it.

Roy Harper

This one is more of fans yearning for Colton Haynes’ Arsenal to put back on his red leather suit, but some are theorizing he could be the man behind the mysterious mask. Oliver is pretty much responsible for Roy Harper’s exile to Hub City. Or, Flashpoint made Roy evil?

Quentin Lance

Prometheus’s star blade appeared in Quentin Lance’s apartment earlier this season and we still have no idea why. The team came to the conclusion Quentin is just an alcoholic, but we still haven't’ really gotten a good explanation. The man certainly has a motive--he was Green Arrow’s biggest hater in Season 1 and considering Oliver is partially responsible for both his daughter’s deaths, Quentin has reason to want sociopathic revenge.

Susan Williams

The writers have teased us back and forth with Susan Williams’ involvement with the Russian stuff and Prometheus. She was recently fired from her reporting gig after Thea and Felicity hacked her computer. The only thing that makes her journalism career sketchy is her willingness to get into a relationship with Olivier, crossing a huge ethical line. It’s also quite suspicious how she’s got a plug for Russian documents dating back five years when Oliver lived in Russia. And the vodka thing… but when it comes down to it, Susan’s character may just be the push Oliver needs to reveal his secret identity to the public. It’s been a long time coming for that.

Robert Queen

We seemingly watched Robert Queen commit suicide in the very first episode of Arrow , but a lot has happened since then -- most notably Flashpoint. Some fans are considering the idea Robert Queen could be alive and well. Even more interesting, is the revelation Robert Queen is Green Arrow on Earth-2, where Oliver died that day instead. The motive isn’t exactly there, but something to ponder nonetheless.

Talia Al Ghul

There’s a lot of people on this train, but I’m not one of them. Producer Wendy Mericle says Talia plays a key role in solving the Prometheus mystery, which in my mind means she can’t be the one behind the mask. However, Talia also somehow knew about Oliver’s list, so there’s clearly some sort of connection to the Queens, or the Merlyns, that we don’t know about yet.

Do any of these options make sense to you? Which are bullshit? Did we miss anyone? Let us know in the comments below!

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