‘Arrow’ Season 5: Katie Cassidy’s Black Canary Gets A Monument In Star City

RIP Black Canary. You will be remembered.
RIP Black Canary. You will be remembered. CW

Marc Guggenheim misses Laurel Lance’s Black Canary just as much as the fans do. The DC TV showrunner tweeted out a production photo featuring a bronze statue of the iconic female vigilante. This is not uncommon for high-profile heroes. Superman has a statue, and the Justice League even has their own sacred resting place for fallen heroes at their sanctuary.

This tribute to the Black Canary doesn't come as too much of a surprise considering the Green Arrow is now officially the Mayor of Star City. As Laurel’s ex-boyfriend and a fellow crime fighter, Black Canary’s death was a very traumatic experience for Oliver, especially since his breakup with Felicity happened just days before. Laurel’s last words to Oliver were that he’s the love of her life, even though Ollie cheated on Laurel with her own sister, White Canary. We’re also waiting to hear about the favor Black Canary asked of Arrow before she took her last breath.

Oliver informed Star City of Laurel’s true identity at her funeral, but this statue is a pretty big clue Laurel Lance may actually be gone for good. Laurel pledged that fateful night was her last as a Black Canary. She was all set to hang up her vigilante suit and accept a job as Star City’s District Attorney, but Damien Darhk was not going to let that happen. She perished before she could officially accept her new position, and now after a few months, Star City has found a new District Attorney. Adrian Chase, also known as the vigilante fittingly named ‘Vigilante,’ will take up the reins as one of Oliver’s closest allies as Mayor.

Would you like to see Katie Cassidy once again as her villainous alter ego, Black Siren, on The Flash? Let us know in the comments below! Arrow returns to The CW on Wednesday, October 5 at 8 p.m.

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