Army of Ruin: Early Access Update 5 Adds Ability to Hasten Game Speed and More

Army of Ruin
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Army of Ruin is a fun 3D auto-shooter similar to titles like Vampire Survivors and Soulstone Survivors. Here, you’ll be slaying countless armies of evil until you get a shot at defeating the fearsome Army Generals. Each hero possesses unique skills that will help you battle the hordes of enemies. You can also utilize the equipment and trinkets available in-game to find the most powerful combination that works for you.

Developer Milkstone Studios launched Update 5 for Army of Ruin. It brought a couple of notable features, such as Ruin Levels and Turbo Mode.

Ruin Levels essentially make enemies in Army of Ruin more challenging to defeat. Expect to see more enemies spawn on the battlefield, with increasing difficulty as the mission progresses. Ruin Levels effectively replaced the “Curse” system back then. Don’t worry, all of the coins spent on curses will be reimbursed after applying this patch.

Because this is an auto-shooter game, it can take some time before it ramps up and becomes more enjoyable. To alleviate this waiting problem, a new feature called Turbo Mode is added to give you the ability to increase game speed to your liking, though keep in mind that this affects all the things in Army of Ruin, including your enemies. Turbo Mode can be unlocked at three stars.

Patch Notes

  • 5 New weapons and 4 new trinkets to unlock.
  • Added Vietnamese language.
  • Stage, Player, trinket, and weapon level are now shown in the results screen.
  • Done a thorough revision of all weapon visual effects to improve visibility when combined with high fire rate + size effects.
  • Character choice is now saved and pre-selected.
  • XP Gems with a greater value are now shown in a different color.
  • Added a setting to make mouse movement as a toggle instead of having to keep the button pressed.
  • Added a How to Play page explaining enemy status effects.
  • Replaced Cooldown skill and trinket effects with Rate of Fire. Many values have been increased so they remain useful. This was done to avoid exponential improvement of stacked Cooldown upgrades that quickly got to the capped value, leading to performance and visual issues on top of being extremely powerful.
  • Removed Curse skill, replaced with Ruin Levels.
  • Modified Igneous Orbs effect so they're not permanent and are not considered as a downgrade from the base weapon.
  • Halved coin rewards from challenges (the money will NOT be lost if you already had unlocked it). We went a bit overboard with this in the last update, making the later stages a breeze because of the amount of money spent on upgrades, so we're dialing the rewards down a notch.

Army of Ruin Update 5 is available on PC.

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