Is The ARMY Ready For A New BTS Game?

New BTS game in the works.
New BTS game in the works. Netmarble

It has been barely a month since BTS World was released, but it appears that another BTS game is already in the works. While BTS World was indeed a product by Netmarble, the actual developer was Takeone Company.

Netmarble is known for such games as Monster Taming and Marvel: Future Fight. So what brought about this new plan? According to a report in Soompi, BTS World did meet expectrations commercially considering the involvement of both Netmarble and BTS for the game.

The game already has more than a million downloads worldwide and is currently rated 4.8/5.0 on Google Play and 4.9/5.0 on the iStore. However, in terms of expected increase in both users and sales, it appears that BTS World came up short. The low sales aren't due to the level of content or even what appears to be an overcharging business model.

The plans for a new game are not that surprising though considering that Netmarble had said that they intend to come up with new content related to BTS. The studio is said to be looking for new team members to work on new content related to BTS. According to Soompi's report, citing MTN, Netmarble had posted on a job recruiting site looking for individuals having qualifications that include having “a high understanding of female-oriented games” as well as “a high understanding of BTS as an ARMY.”

BTS World was released to both Android and iOS on June 26. An accompanying soundtrack was released days later with BTS World: Original Soundtrack. On its debut, the OST album hit the top of the Gaon Album Chart.

BTS World is a simulation game that offers two modes. The first is known as BTS Story, and has the players attempt to become the manager of BTS before they became a supergroup. The mode is divided into different chapters with the story elements and missions of each chapter needing to be completed before being able to move to the next one. This mode has three stages which are Story Stage, Mission Stage, and Cinematic Stage. The second mode is Another Story, and in this mode, the players need to become friends with the different BTS members and help them solve their problems in order to fulfill their dreams. This mode also has its own Story, Mission, and Cinematic Stages, all with different content.

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