'Arms' Nintendo Switch eShop Listing Says It Has 8-Player Online Multiplayer

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arms 2 vs 2 battle
You can fight 2 vs 2 in 'Arms' for Nintendo Switch. Nintendo

We’re few months away from the release of Arms for the Nintendo Switch and some possible online features have been leaked, courtesy of the Australian eShop.

According to information screen grabbed on reddit up to four players can duke it out in local multiplayer while up to eight players will be able to fight online.

So far, all official information regarding Arms reveals there can be 2 vs 2 battles (allowing for the four-player local play) but having up to eight players online leads to some interesting possibilities.

Does this mean that all eight players will be on the field at the same time? That’s highly unlikely considering how small the stages shown in previous gameplay trailers and footage. Although, there could be stages that are larger and can offer up to eight players at once. Super Smash Bros. allowed up to eight players to fight at once, but only in certain stages. Granted, eight-player Smash was only a local multiplayer option but perhaps the Nintendo Switch has the capability to allow eight players to fight online.

Another, more likely, possibility would allow players to hold 1 vs 1 tournaments with up to eight players online, with two players fighting and the other six in spectator mode. Some other possible battle configurations being thrown around include having tag-teams where players can swap out mid-battle.

We reached out to Nintendo of America for any information regarding Arms and its possible online features. We will update as soon as we hear back. 

UPDATE: Nintendo of America told iDigitalTimes: “We have nothing to announce on this topic.”

At the time of this writing, Arms has seven different characters, each with their own special abilities and styles of fighting. The most recent fighter reveal, Helix (or DNA Man) can turn into a puddle of goo to avoid attacks and slither around the stage. He can also avoid super attacks with ease.

Other fighters, like Master Mummy don’t get knocked back by punches so he can keep on trucking and pounding his opponents. The ramen-based fighter, Minmin can use her kicks to knock back opposing strikes while Spring Man can has his punches boosted when his health drops to below 25 percent.

Arms also has an array of weapons that players can combine between the left and right arms of your fighter to create new fight strategies. You can mix and match different weapons or have the same weapon for both arms, it’s totally up to the player.

While any possible story mode has not been revealed, there are one-player modes that allow for solo action including CPU battles and even training mini-games.

If Arms does have eight-player online modes, then fans should expect at least one more fighter who hasn’t been revealed yet to avoid the same fighter being chosen twice. However, Nintendo has already confirmed  there are other skins for each fighter, allowing mirror matches to take place.

Arms for Nintendo Switch releases June 16.

So what do you think of having eight players duke it out in Arms ? What do you hope to see from Arms come June? Let us know in the comments section below.

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