Armored Royale: What It Brings To Warzone

It's a new way to battle.
It's a new way to battle. Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's Warzone started its sixth season. As part of this new content, there’s going to be a Limited Time Mode that’s going to be difficult to put a dent into. This one is known as Armored Royale and puts the spotlight on the Cargo Truck.

Many players already know just how notorious this vehicle already is under the standard Battle Royale. Under the LTM, this vehicle gets a serious upgrade with reinforced armor plating and a built-in turret. Today we look at what Armored Royale has to offer to everyone.

Like the standard Battle Royale Quads, players also need a squad of up to four players in Armored Royale. The squad also needs to infiltrate Verdansk using only a pistol and must scavenge for weapons, equipment, and even cash. The main difference with this LTM is the Armored Cargo Truck, which is sure to introduce some new mechanics.

In the game, squads start the match by dropping on their assigned armored Cargo Truck. The health of this truck can be seen under that of the whole squad.

In addition to the already strong base health, the truck is equipped with a lot of armor plating. Meanwhile, on top of the driver’s cabin is a fortified gun turret. Mounted to the turret is a high caliber machine gun which is sure to blast down enemies. The turret can be controlled manually by a member of the squad, regardless of whether there is someone driving the truck or not.

For this LTM, the squad should focus their strategy on the truck, especially since it holds the key to respawning. For example, regardless of how an Operator dies, as long as the truck is still in operation and within the safe area, the Operator can re-infil after a short period of time. However, by the time the sixth circle collapses, all respawns are going to be disabled.

If the truck is destroyed, the entire squad no longer has the ability to respawn. The squad can still buy back players like normal at regular Buy Stations around Verdansk. Take note though that it’s going to come at a rather high price.

Squad members can also use their cash at the mobile Buy Station. The difference with a regular one is that the mobile version mainly offers upgrades which are:

  • Armor Upgrade
    • Increases the amount of armor for the truck.
  • Turret Upgrade
    • Improves the turret and increases the overall damage-per-second.
  • UAV Upgrade
    • Adds a radar sensor to the truck.
    • The radar reveals enemy positions nearby as long as they don’t have Ghost equipped.
  • Trophy Upgrade
    • Adds a Trophy System to the truck.
    • The system can intercept enemy rockets as well as equipment pieces.

So have you tried out this new LTM? What do you think?

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