Arma 3: Update 1.2 Takes Players to Laos; Introduces Lots of New Content

Update 1.2
Update 1.2 Bohemia Interactive

The newest patch for the open-world tactical shooter Arma 3 is now available. Update 1.2 takes players to Southeast Asia and introduces tons of new content, including new factions, co-op campaigns, and guns, among other things.

Laos features a new unique terrain introduced in Update 1.2. "The Bra," an infamous section of the Ho Chi Minh trail, is a 25-square-kilometer with micro-terrain and dense foliage, according to the devs, it is not possible on larger terrain sizes. This new place is perfect for recon patrol operations on foot due to its hidden jungles, caves, and POW camps. To get players started, four new Zeus missions are included in this patch as well.

New Terrain: Laos
New Terrain: Laos Bohemia Interactive

Aside from that, five new factions are added to Arma 3; players can now be a part of the Australian, New Zealand, and South Korean forces if they want to. Moreover, those who want to fight the local civil war can choose between the Royal Lao Army or the Pathet Lao.

Of course, an Arma 3 patch will not be complete without new guns to play with. Update 1.2 adds new weapons with detailed animations, sounds, and melee features. They are:

  • F-1 SMG, the L2A1 LMG, and the L1A1 Self-Loading Rifle with bayonet, scope, and rifle grenades.
  • SAS field-modded L1A1 variants, with shorter barrels, foregrips, larger magazines, XM148 grenade launchers, and camo paint schemes
  • Early XM16E1, XM177E1 and M16, and USAF GAU-5A/A with SP optic, and an M16 bipod. The M16A1/XM148 model has been updated and a late-war M16A1 with an M203 40mm grenade launcher added. There is also a new M14A1 LMG with a pistol grip, foregrip, full-auto, and bipod.
  • M1 Garand, including bayonet, scope, and rifle grenades.
  • M1918A2 LMG with bipod.
  • vz.54 sniper rifle.

Players who explore Laos should be wary of seemingly innocent objects, such as lighters, pots, and bicycles. These things may contain concealed explosives that will blow them up to oblivion if they’re not careful. Mortar bomb traps and various mines are scattered all over the jungle as well.

Part of what makes Arma 3 a popular tactical shooter is its multiplayer co-op missions. That said, Update 1.2 also features two new campaign co-op missions. The first is CO-06 Black Spear, tasking players to infiltrate a North Vietnamese port in a daring Navy Seal raid. The second is CO-12 Eldest Son II, and in this mission, players are assigned to plant booby-trapped ammo inside a North Vietnamese Army (NVA) camp west of Khe Sanh.

New Co-op Missions
New Co-op Missions Bohemia Interactive

So, what can you say about the new content?

Arma 3 Update 1.2 is now available on PC.

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