ARMA 3 Introduces New Vehicles with Fourth Update for Creator DLC

New update is here.
New update is here. Bohemia Interactive

The fourth major content update of ARMA 3 Creator DLC: Global Mobilization - Cold War Germany is now live. It adds new “Warlords” multiplayer scenarios as well as new vehicles and vehicle variants. This new content, and the entire DLC, is actually done by third-party developer Vertexmacht.

One of the new vehicles introduced is the Combat Support Vehicle known as the BrPz1. With this, players can build temporary bridges across rivers. This should be pretty useful when traveling on the Weferlingen terrain.

Some of the other new vehicles added are:

  • M109
    • This is the classic US variant which has an M2 machine gun for the commander with a standard M126 cannon that has a range of 14,600 meters.
  • M109G
    • Based on the M109, this tank is specific to West Germany and has a modified M126G cannon which has an extended range of 18,400 meters.
  • 2S1
    • Developed by the Soviets, this amphibious wonder is versatile, mobile, and fast.
  • SF2 LARS 2
    • This vehicle can fire 36 rounds of 110 mm rockets with a maximum range of 14,000 meters.
  • BM-21 Grad
    • This rocket artillery vehicle can launch 40 rounds of 122 mm rockets in rapid succession.

Learn more about the new vehicles here.

Warlords Scenario

The new update also introduces a new multiplayer co-op scenario titled “Ninjas.” For this mission, two to four players are asked to prevent waves of enemies from moving further into West Germany. The tool for this particular mission is the PAH–1.

Update 1.4

In addition to what’s already mentioned, some of the highlights of the new update include:

  • New "Warlords" MP scenario adaptations for the Weferlingen terrain.
  • A new module enabling Zeus Game Masters to change vehicle ammo loadouts.
  • A small photo camera (functions as binoculars) and West German Army sunglasses.
  • Various smaller ammo crate/pile scenery objects.

You can view the complete patch notes here.

ARMA 3 is a military tactical shooter that offers an open-world experience. It was released in 2013 on PC through Steam.

The Global Mobilization DLC was released in 2019 and brought it a 10-mission single-player campaign. It also introduced four new factions in West Germany, East Germany, Poland, and Denmark. The DLC also added a lot of new vehicles and weapons.

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