‘Ark: Survival Evolved’ v255 Guide: How To Get & Use The Tek Tileset With & Without Cheats

'Ark' Patch 255
'Ark: Survival Evolved' v255 was just released, and it introduces the Tek Tileset to the game. This guide details how to unlock and craft each new structure. 'Ark: Survival Evolved' is available now on PC, Xbox One, PS4, OS X and Linux. Studio Wildcard

Ark: Survival Evolved was just updated to version 255, which introduced the Tek Tileset to the game. In this guide, we’ll recap everything you need to build or spawn the new structures with and without cheats.



As with most new gear and structures, you’ll need to get the engrams required to make the new goodies. Based on our tests, here’s the fastest and easiest way to unlock the whole tileset.

  • Medium Broodmother : Tek ladder, Tek pillar, Tek ramp, Tek wall, Tek ceiling, Tek stairs, Tek fences
  • Easy Megapithecus : Tek window, Tek Windowframe, Tek hatchframe, Tek trapdoor
  • Medium Megapithecus : Tek Dino Gate, Tek doorframe, Tek door
  • Easy Dragon : Behemoth Gate, Behemoth Gateway
  • Hard Dragon : Forcefield

In our v254 guide we offer strategies to summon and defeat each of these tough bosses. Check that out for more details.



Above we listed how each part of the Tek Tileset can be unlocked, so now we’ll detail how to craft them. By interacting with a Tek Replicator, you can now select the Tek folder and build all the Tek supplies for the engrams you’ve collected. Here’s what each part requires.

'Ark' Tek Tileset
The Tek Tileset offers futuristic base building tools to go along with the Iron Man suit released in update v254. Make a home of the future. Photo: Studio Wildcard
  • Behemoth Tek Dino Gate : 1,500 Crystal, 350 Polymer, 20 Element
  • Behemoth Tek Dino Gateway : 2,200 Metal Ingot, 500m Polymer, 140 Crystal, 40 Element
  • Sloped Tek Roof : 35 Metal Ingot, 10 Cementing Paste
  • Sloped Tek Walls : 15 Metal Ingot, 5 Cementing Paste
  • Tek Catwalk : 72 Metal Ingot, 40 Polymer, 20 Crystal, 1 Element
  • Tek Ceiling : 50 Metal Ingot, 25 Polymer, 20 Crystal, 1 Element
  • Tek Dino Gate : 2 Element, 30 Polymer, 35 Crystal
  • Tek Dino Gateway : 170 Metal Ingot, 50 Polymer, 30 Crystal, 2 Element
  • Tek Door : 40 Polymer, 60 Crystal, 1 Element
  • Tek Doorframe : 30 Metal Ingot, 15 Polymer, 5 Crystal, 1 Element
  • Tek Fence : 5 Metal Ingot, 2 Cementing Paste
  • Tek Forcefield : 5,000 Metal Ingot, 600 Crystal, 150 Black Pearl, 800 Polymer, 75 Element
  • Tek Foundation : 100 Meat Ingot, 45 Polymer, 20 Crystal, 1 Element
  • Tek Hatchframe : 50 Metal Ingot, 25 Polymer, 10 Crystal, 1 Element
  • Tek Ladder : 28 Metal Ingot, 20 Polymer, 8 Crystal, 1 Element
  • Tek Pillar : 60 Metal Ingot, 14 Polymer, 10 Crystal, 1 Element
  • Tek Railing : 12 Metal Ingot, 5 Cementing Paste
  • Tek Ramp : 70 Metal Ingot, 20 Polymer, 20 Crystal, 1 Element
  • Tek Staircase : 125 Metal Ingot, 25 Cementing Paste
  • Tek Trapdoor : 40 Crystal, 16 Polymer 1 Element
  • Tek Wall : 35 Metal Ingot, 20 Polymer, 15 Crystal, 1 Element
  • Tek Window : 40 Crystal, 16 Polymer, 1 Element
  • Tek Windowframe : 30 Metal Ingot, 15 Polymer, 5 Crystal, 1 Element

Here are a few ways to farm for the most necessary supplies.

  • Element : You have to beat bosses and collect Element from the carcasses immediately. You probably already did this while getting the engrams, so you should have element to spare.
  • Polymer : Kill a bunch of Kairuku on Penguin Pond to harvest Polymer for days. It’s officially called the Iceberg and is located to the west of the Green Obelisk.
  • Metal Ingot : Metal can be mined near cave areas. A popular spot for farming is also in the southeast corner of the South Haven. The location is often called Herbivore Island.
  • Crystal : Crystal can be harvested on mountaintops, caves and in the arctic. Many of the places you can find Metal you’ll also find Crystal.



To get the Tek Tileset with cheats, you need to use admin commands. Check out our updated v255 admin commands list for more details.



'Ark' Tek Forcefield
The Tek Forcefield costs a lot of resources, but it might be the most formidable form of base defense in all of 'Ark.' Photo: Studio Wildcard
  • In terms of damage, the only truly effective way to take down a Tek structure is by using Tek gear or the Tek Rex. Other high-end weaponry capable of taking down metal will work eventually, but you’ll need lots of firepower to stand a chance.
  • The Forcefield protects all tames and survivors inside it.
  • The Tek Forcefield consumes up to 10 element per hour based on size. It’s the only current piece of Tek housing that needs to be recharged.
  • If using cheats, you need to use admincheat ghost to get inside a Forcefield.
  • All items can be painted using the paintbrush tool. To dye a Forcefield you simply dye the barrier.
  • You can interact with gates, windows and doors to set access parameters including “admin only” and pin codes.

Ark: Survival Evolved is available now on PC, Xbox One, PS4, OS X and Linux. Version 255 and the Tek Tileset, are currently exclusive to PC.

What do you think of the Tek Tileset so far? Does it break Ark? Tell us in the comments section!

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