ARK: Survival Evolved Aberration Artifact Locations & Boss Fight Guide

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ARK Rockwell
The Rockwell is Aberration’s big boss, and you’ll need to collect three rare artifacts to fight it. This guide will tell you where the Depths, Shadow and Stalker artifacts are located. Studio Wildcard/Syntac @ YouTube

ARK: Survival Evolved has added three new artifacts in its Aberration expansion, and you’ll need to find them to access the Aberration portal and take on the Rockwell boss. This guide will reveal the locations for all three items and some basic tips for winning the final confrontation.

To make it to all of these locations, you’ll need lots of weapons, a hazmat suit, a wingsuit, rock pick, scuba gear and maybe a Rock Drake.



Artifact Of The Depths: Using your compass, head to the cave entrance at 48.3 degrees longitude and 27.2 degrees latitude. To get there, head through the main portal area and jump down to the lake below. In the back corner of the lake is a large rock. Go past it and under the tall platforms jutting out of the rock formation.

Inside the cave, follow the path till you reach the portion pictured below that almost looks like a dead end. Crouch under it.

Ark Depths artifact crouch
You’re going to need to crouch here to progress further through the cave. Photo: Studio Wildcard/No Rush Gaming @ YouTube

Follow the winding path till you reach an area with a small stream of water and some rocks. To the left, you’ll find a Survivor Note. Follow the left path down till you make it to a waterfall. Jump in the water and get inside the falls. When the path forks, follow it to the left and left again.

Ark Depths artifact waterfall
Get inside these waterfalls. Photo: Studio Wildcard/No Rush Gaming @ YouTube

That should bring you to a room with water. Using a rock climbing pick, ascend the formation to the left. Follow that path till the caves open up and take a slight left, run through the water ahead and you’ll see the illuminated artifact platform in the distance. You’ll find the artifact itself at 51.2 degrees longitude and 23.8 degrees latitude. You can also use the following cheat to get there, if you’re having trouble: cheat setplayerpos -210000 11100 36000.

Ark Depths artifact climb
Climb this rock formation to the left. Photo: Studio Wildcard/No Rush Gaming @ YouTube


Artifact Of The Shadows: Starting from the Crystalline Swamps at around 55.2 degrees longitude and 65.8 degrees latitude, jump off that rock and swim through the carved-out hole below. Eventually you’ll come to a path with some glowing crystals. Swim into it and push up.

Ark Shadow artifact crystals
These glowing crystals will tell you you’re on the right path. Photo: Studio Wildcard/No Rush Gaming @ YouTube

You’ll come to a grotto area. Jump down and follow the path with leafy moss through a long winding cave. Eventually it opens up to a clearing with some waterfalls. Jump into the water below and head through the circular notch to the left.

Ark Shadow artifact greens
Follow these greens to get to the next leg of the journey. Photo: Studio Wildcard/No Rush Gaming @ YouTube

You’ll come to a clearing with a radiated formation dangling from the ceiling. Jump into the water and swim through the cavern on the left. It’s another long path, but once you get to the clearing, head straight through to the path on the left. You’ll pass a radiated object on your left. Keep going forward. Eventually the rocks will close off and you’ll have to swim down. The path opens up, and then you’ll swim straight through the coral and gigantic spiders. When it clears again, you’ll be in the artifact room. Take the path to the right, follow it to the right again and then left.

Ark Shadow artifact hanging
Jump into the water from this hanging structure. Photo: Studio Wildcard/No Rush Gaming @ YouTube

You’ll come to the platform located at about 50.5 degrees latitude and 72.6 degrees longitude. To cheat your way there, use this command: cheat setplayerpos 181170 4397 -7593.


Artifact Of The Stalker: From behind the portal spawn, jump and climb your way down to the rocks on the right. If you get down low enough, you’ll see a rock jutting out of the ground near a path to the right. When it clears, continue to hug the rightmost wall for a long time until you reach some pink crystals that mark a path to the cave entrance. That should be about 81 degrees latitude and 47 degrees longitude.

Ark Stalker artifact start
Get to this point to start making your way toward the Stalker. Photo: Studio Wildcard/No Rush Gaming @ YouTube

Climb up the two rocks ahead and follow the path above the pink water. Be sure not to fall in! Fight all the Dinos and bats standing in your way, and when the path opens and forks, go to the right. Follow the path and climb up the wall that comes up on your left. Once up top, take a right and then a quick left.

Ark Stalker artifact right wall
Hug this right wall for a very long time. Photo: Studio Wildcard/No Rush Gaming @ YouTube

You’ll come to a high-up platform, and your goal is to get to the area with glowing crystals to your right. You can do this by climbing, using a Rock Drake or a wingsuit. The ultimate goal is to get to the very top cavern pictured here. That can be done any number of ways. Once you do, follow the path to reach the artifact. If it gets to be too much of a pain, you can always try this cheat: cheat setplayerpos 11063 333564 31971.

Ark Stalker artifact end
You need to get to that small notch in the rocks way up there. Photo: Studio Wildcard/No Rush Gaming @ YouTube



The three artifacts are required to summon the Rockwell, but you’ll also need these items too. The three listed numbers correspond to the gamma, beta and alpha difficulties.

ARK Rockwell
The Rockwell is Aberration’s big boss, and you’ll need to collect three rare artifacts to fight it. This guide will tell you where the Depths, Shadow and Stalker artifacts are located. Photo: Studio Wildcard/Syntac @ YouTube
  • Basilisk Scale: 0, 4, 8
  • Nameless Venom: 0, 12, 20
  • Reaper Pheromone Gland: 0, 2, 7
  • Rock Drake Feather: 0, 2, 7
  • Alpha Basilisk Fang: 0, 0, 1
  • Alpha Karkinos Claw: 0, 0, 1
  • Alpha Reaper King Barb: 0, 0, 1



Just like the artifacts, getting to the Rockwell arena will take you into the deepest parts of Aberration. It’s quite the journey, so just follow these coordinates as listed by Survivor Zed on the ARK Survival Evolved wiki. Players can hop on this route at any time, depending on where their base is located. It’s also much easier if you have a flyer. After leaving the portal tunnel, look to to your right and just follow the vine-like structure all the way there. Below are more detailed instructions.

  • Starting at 40.4, 61.0 move South across a bridge to 44.9, 59.7 and go SW on the raised portion to
  • 49.4, 56.5 to
  • 50.2, 59.8 southeast towards
  • 53.4, 63.2 to
  • A Charge Node at 54.8, 62.8 southwest to
  • 59.1, 60.7 east to
  • 59.9, 63.9 east to
  • 62.2, 68.1 through diamond shaped gateway parts to
  • 62.0, 63.7 where the path turns south, then go down the slope and turn right go straight west at 63.7, 63.7 to the next gate
  • 64.2, 60.6 across the element river to next gate
  • 65.0, 57.9 you will see the next gate west and a Charge Node continue to
  • 63.8, 55.1, follow the left curve to
  • 63.3, 50.6 follow slope down and around the right to
  • 60.9, 49.4 head northwest to a slope around the Grave of the Lost shaft to
  • 46.9, 43.6 turn north-northeast and follow the passage down east and away from the element fall
  • At 52.5, 53.9 the path turns southwest and down
  • 55.6, 51.5 path turns south
  • 65.6, 52.5 follow the path around the element fall to
  • 65.0, 49.3 paths continues down again west-northwest down to a bright blue light and around the bend
  • 64.5, 50.0 paths take a sharp left turn, follow the zigzagging down to
  • 61.9, 50.7 straightening out northwest in the last stretch
  • At 59.8 48.4 the path curves passing the Rock Drake nests
  • Turn right at 60.1, 47.3, the nests are on your left as you cross the bridge to
  • 57.8, 46.9 and follow the cliffside path to
  • About 55.2, 43.6 where the path curves left continue straight west to
  • 55.4, 41.4 turn right heading north
  • 52.4, 40.7 take the lower left path and hug the left side (wall side) until
  • 48.4, 43.5 continue north northeast until you see the the Tek Cave-like area on your left. The final boss' terminal is down the hall at
  • 42.7, 36.7.



To finish the boss, the best approach is to be properly leveled and come in with tons of firepower in the form of weapons and Dinos. Creatures like a Rock Drake or Basilisk will be able to make their way there, so level those Dinos properly, grab up to 10 players and you should be fine.

The Rockwell starts in the middle of the arena, and you can only hurt him by attacking his tentacles from a distance. Destroy each one to gain access to access to its heart. When it’s vulnerable, unload everything you’ve got. As it health depetes, watch out for its electrifying attack and energy ball. The Rockwell will also spawn Nameless and Reaper Kings as the battle ensues.

Like most ARK bosses, the key is just to overwhelm your enemy. Once downed, here’s what gets dropped:

  • Gamma: 25 Element, Tek Bed engram
  • Beta: 90 Element, Tek Bed and Rock Drake Tek Saddle Engrams
  • Alpha: 190 element plus previous Engrams and the Tek Railgun

That’s all you need to know about activating and defeating Aberration’s big boss. We’ll try to update this guide as more strategies become available.

ARK: Survival Evolved is available now on PC, Xbox One, PS4, OS X and Linux. For more help, read our guides on Aberration taming and admin commands .

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