Arena Shooter Demon Pit Officially Announced, Coming To All Platforms Later This Year

A literal mosh pit in hell.
The trend of retro FPS continues with Demon Pit, an arena wave-based shooter set to release on all platforms later this year.
The trend of retro FPS continues with Demon Pit, an arena wave-based shooter set to release on all platforms later this year. Digerati

The furious and violent wave of retro FPS titles is continuing to heat up, as now another game is looking to make its rather bloody mark. This time though, it’s in a mosh pit of gore straight from hell, as publisher Digerati and developers Psychic Software and DoomCube officially announce Demon Pit, an arcade retro arena FPS flavored with that distinct 90s feel – in addition to hordes and hordes of accursed demons. Demon Pit will be making its way to all platforms later this year. This announcement also came a trailer, which you can watch below.

Looking at the trailer you can already tell it’s going to be one hell (pun intended) of a time, as waves and waves of demons rush you inside closed-off walls as you fight them off with a ton of guns and that insane grappling hook. The change in pace of just being in what is essentially a demon kill box is pretty cool as well, as most other retro FPS titles seem to have focused on recreating the intricate level designs popularized by games like Doom and Duke Nukem. Not to knock on games like Amid Evil or Exodemon though, as those were probably some of the better FPS games I’ve played in a while – it’s just great to see a developer compress the whole retro FPS experience into the thing players care about the most: killing as many enemies as humanly possible.

Demon Pit sees you fighting against waves and waves of demons in a constantly changing arena, where the only goal is to try and kill as many demons as possible without them killing you. It’s what I imagine Doom Slayer’s Tuesday is like, although this time around there’s no breaks – Demon Pit calls on you to constantly kill to keep that multiplier alive. For those who want to be competitive about it, there’s a leaderboard in place; nothing screams “demon killer extraordinaire" like being on top of a leaderboard.

Demon Pit will feature 10 different types of hell spawn, and seven different weapons to kill them with. The soul grapple equipment can be used to traverse the arena quickly, and mastering the movement is key to staying alive long enough to fight another minute.

Demon Pit will be released for the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam later in 2019.

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