Arc System Works Reveals More Details on Guilty Gear Strive: Dual Rulers

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More updates on the upcoming show. Arc System Works

It was in June when Arc System Works America revealed that an anime based on the Guilty Gear fighting video game series was in development. The show is titled "Guilty Gear Strive: Dual Rulers" and being made in partnership with Sanzigen Studios. The studio has since revealed more about this upcoming show during the Anime Expo 2024 and today we'll take a quick look at the updates. For starters, it appears that the series is premiering in 2025.

What's the story about? It's set at a time where science and technology has started to decline. They've been replaced with a new energy source that's called magic fuels. Humanity it seems has also created forbidden biological weapons known as Gears. Like most creations by humans, these Gears eventually fought against their creators through a rebellion called the Crusades. While humanity managed to overcome the struggle, the losses are so great that even after decades had passed, the emotional remain unable to fully heal.

Sin Kiske, the child of a human and a Gear, heads to the wedding of his father Ky and mother Dizzy. This wedding breaks the ultimate taboo which is the union between a human and a Gear. The world has been at peace, and it took years for this ceremony to happen. Even with all the complex array of emotions that surrounds it, the wedding ceremony has received blessings.

However, a mysterious girl who despises Gears appear one day. The meeting of this mysterious girl and the fated child who has inherited the Gear blood is going to shake the world.

If you're excited about this show, you can watch the teaser trailer below:

As announced last month, serving as director is none other than Shigeru Morikawa, who's known for "Argonavis the Movie: Axia." Other individuals revealed to be involved with this project include Guilty Gear writer Norimitsu Kaihō. For the voice cast, it looks like Miyazaki Issei is returning as Sin Kiske with Jouji Nakata taking on the role of Sol Badguy. The mysterious girl Unika meanwhile is being voiced by Yui Ishikawa.

What do you think? Excited for the show to come out?

The first Guilty Gear title was released in 1998 with the latest one being Guilty Gear -Strive- which came out in 2021.

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