Apex Legends Ups Ante In Fight Against Cheaters

Client patch released.
Apex Legends to use machine learning in fight against cheaters.
Apex Legends to use machine learning in fight against cheaters. Respawn Entertainment

Cheating continues to be a problem for many games, particularly those that have PvP. Battle royale games are particularly vulnerable given the genre's format. With many game studios doing what they can to stop this scourge, Apex Legends appears to be doing something that is ahead of the rest. The game intends to use machine learning to combat cheating.

According to a Reddit post by Respawn Community Manager Jay “Jayfresh” Frechette, the team behind Apex Legends plans to use machine learning in order to create behavior models that are aimed at not only detecting cheaters, but also auto banning them.

That’s not all, as Apex Legends also plans to enhance detection methods so that new spam accounts are identified and then banned even before they are used. Jayfresh revealed that fighting against cheaters continues to be a high priority for the development team. He added that “there will always be work to do, improvements to make, and new things to adapt to.”

Other measures that the team is looking into include requiring two-factor authentication in certain regions and particularly on high risk accounts. One plan that players are sure to be excited about is to put detected cheaters and spammers in one match together. Indeed, that would truly be fun to watch.

Code Leaf Errors

Aside from the discussion on cheating, Jayfresh also touched on Code Leaf errors. In essence these are server issues wherein players get the “code:leaf” error. The team is currently working on this particular issue, with Jayfresh saying that updates are to be provided as they come.

Client Patch

Jayfresh also reveals that Respawn released a client patch Tuesday on all platforms addressing these issues:

  • Fixed issue where Lifeline’s D.O.C.'s Shock Finisher preview video not playing when viewed from the menu. Fixed issue with text overflow on the stats page.
  • Fixed some cases of crashes related to game logic, client, and script errors.
  • Fixed cases of players being set in non-optimal data centers.
  • Season 1 stats have been temporarily removed as we work on some issues with it.
  • Fixed bug where players would unlock the level 94 Battle Pass reward before they should [Octane’s loading screen].
  • Fixed exploit where the HAVOC could fire full auto without charging up.
  • Fixed some cases of the Care Package clipping through map geometry.
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