Apex Legends Teams Up With Twitch to Give Twitch Prime Users Bonus Loot

Twitch Prime users get 5 Apex Packs and an exclusive legendary skin for Apex Legends.
Twitch Prime users get 5 Apex Packs and an exclusive legendary skin for Apex Legends. Twitch Prime

Apex Legends gives players even more reason to try get into the game with their latest tie-up with the popular streaming platform, Twitch. Apex Legends players who are subscribed to a premium Twitch Prime account can link their profiles and claim a bunch of extra rewards, including a legendary skin for Pathfinder.

Twitch Prime users simply have to login to to the Twitch platform and choose the option to claim their rewards for Apex Legends. After being prompted to sign in to their EA Origins account, the rewards will be made available to the player the next time they launch the game. Apex Legends players receive five Apex Packs, which are the game ’s cosmetic loot boxes, as well as the exclusive Omega Point legendary skin for Pathfinder.

Apex Legends is completely free-to-play, but character skins and Apex Packs are part of the game’s micro-transaction model and have no real effect on gameplay. While these rewards from Twitch Prime aren’t designed to give players an edge over the competition, it will give them a head start on one of the best meta-games there is: looking better than the enemy team. With the exclusive legendary skin for Pathfinder, Twitch Prime users might just look so good they already feel like they’ve won. Here’s a sneak peek of how Pathfinder looks while donning the exclusive Omega Point skin available only to Twitch Prime users:

Since its launch earlier this month, Apex Legends has grown into one of the most watched games on the Twitch platform, third only to Riot Games’ League of Legends and Epic Games’ Fortnite Battle Royale. Following its immediate success on Twitch, Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment aims to fortify its position in the Battle Royale genre by partnering with Twitch. Since launch, the latest and arguably most unique addition to the genre has already been downloaded over 25 million times, and currently enjoys a player base of over 2 million concurrent users.

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