Apex Legends: Quick Peek at Storm Point

Some tips.
Some tips. Respawn Entertainment

The eleventh season of Apex Legends starts November 2 and it’s set to bring a lot of new things. One of these is the new map known as Storm Point. This is the game’s fourth map and its biggest ever. Just how big, you ask? Well, it’s 15% larger compared to World’s Edge.

The island is located on the planet Gaea and was once an IMC research base. It’s a tropical island with many things to offer.

Gravity Cannons

Unlike the other maps, this one does not redeploy balloons but instead, has Gravity Cannons. Players only need to get inside them to be launched in a predetermined direction. While in the air, players have pitch control and can land to the sides of the receiving points. Even mid-air, players can still control weapons, grenades, tactical abilities, and ultimates.

Beware the Wilds

This island is full of life so when players drop, they’ll meet a world full of dangerous wildlife. There are a lot of them and each not only offers different combat challenges but also needs various methods of engagement.

One of these is the Prowlers, which are aggressive creatures and tend to hunt in packs. They’re usually found with Prowler Dens. Once they see you, they won’t immediately attack but will warn you if you get too close. Be careful when you decide to engage them since it’s a guarantee that more will arrive to defend the territory.

Another thing you need to watch out for is the Spiders, whose eggs are scattered across Storm Point. Damaging these eggs disturb the spiders inside them and hatch a swarm of critters. On top of land creatures, expect Flyers to spawn individually or randomly from time to time.

Points of Interest

The island features many points of interest that could be used to your advantage in the fight. These include:

  • Checkpoint
    • Checkpoints are suspended over a dense forest and allow you to disengage from fights.
    • If you think you're overwhelmed, simply jump off the platform to change the engagement.
  • Fish Farms
    • These are a chain of islands separated by open water.
    • These are large with a clean separation between lootable buildings.
  • Storm Catcher
    • This is an interior location that puts emphasis on close-quarter combat.

Learn more about the new map here.

Apex Legends is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Versions for Android and iOS are scheduled to be released in 2022.

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