Apex Legends Season 6 Boosted: Everything You Need To Know

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I don’t know why, but Apex Legends Season 6 seems like the best season for me so far. It may not be the season with the most amount of new content, but the additional features and tweaks to the core game have me excited. Season 6, also known as Boosted, is now live on every platform and you should be able to enjoy the game as soon as you finish your 10GB download.

The game added a lot of new content, including a new legend, Rampart, map changes to World's Edge, Crafting, the Volt SMG, and a brand-new Battle Pass. We will discuss all of that below.



Rampart, also known as Ramya Parekh, loves big guns, especially her minigun ‘Sheila’. The latest addition to the legend roster acts as an amazing defender. Her Passive Ability gives you incentives to use LMGs and L-Stars. LMGs will have more magazine capacity and faster reloads, and the L-Star will get overheat slower than usual.

Her Tactical and Ultimate abilities are where things get interesting. Her Tactical Ability will let her deploy stationary cover, which can block any incoming shots. That’s not all, as you can shoot through this cover and your outgoing shots will be amped. Titanfall fans will remember this ability. She can deploy a total of five amped covers, so pair her up with Wattson and Caustic and no fool will dare attack you.

Her Ultimate Ability sounds even more OP. She can place a stationary minigun named Sheila, which you and your teammates can use to suppress enemies. Sheila will have lots of bullets, however, the reloading time is also longer than usual. You can place three of these miniguns.

I haven’t played the new season yet, but after learning Rampart's abilities, I am dead sure that a nerf is in the works.


World's Edge
World's Edge RESPAWN

World’s Edge will never be the same again, as Hammond Industries continuous to change the terrain. Several areas of World’s Edge have been reworked so that the map feels fresh. Unfortunately, one of my favorite places has also been removed (sad lyf for Mirage). Respawn has spent lots of time improving the map so some underlying problems can be fixed. The lava side of the map is improved upon and some chokepoints have been removed.

Several places like The Dome, Drill Site, and Mirage Voyage are now unrecognizable. Some of them received complete reworks, while others (Mirage Voyage) were removed from the map. You can learn more about the map changes from the official site over here.



You can add one more weapon to the Apex Legends arsenal. Just like all other weapons, the Volt SMG was also previously seen in Titanfall 2. The Volt has a high rate of fire and low recoil, and is the only SMG in the game that uses energy ammo. This gun should act as a substitute for the beloved R99 (more on that below).


Crafting RESPAWN

Sometimes it’s just not your day. Every one of us has had games where you get no good loot and have to make do with low-tier weapons. Whatever you do, wherever you go, sometimes you just can’t get a good drop. Well, now we don’t have to depend on the RnG gods. The devs have added a new mechanic called Crafting. Players will have to collect crafting material from material stations and loot bins and deliver them to Replicators.

With the help of replicators, players can craft all kinds of loot. Just make sure that you have enough crafting materials. Some of the craftable loot will be rotated on a daily and weekly basis, so no day feels similar. You can learn more about it over here.


This is the biggest meta-changing tweak that the devs have made. From now on, all the armor in the game will be Evo Armor, except Gold Armor which you can still pick up from the world. Everyone will spawn with Level 0 Evo Armor, which will offer no extra protection. However, doing damage while wearing the armor will upgrade it. You can upgrade your Evo Armor just like before, by dealing damage to opponents.

Additionally, the health pool of all armor levels has been reduced by 25. This means that Red Armor now only offers 100 protection and not 125. The Armor health point reduction doesn’t affect Gold Armor, which will still offer 100 protection. The new Armor stats are mentioned below.

  • White Armor - 25
  • Blue Armor - 50
  • Purple Armor - 75
  • Red Armor – 100
  • Gold Armor - 100

You can still loot upgraded Armor from your enemies' loot boxes.


Holo Sprays
Holo Sprays RESPAWN

This is a small change which is mostly cosmetic. Holosprays are new calling cards that you can leave on the map. These Emotes can be used to taunt dead enemies or warn living ones. They are purely there for fun and will not offer any gameplay advantage.


Is anyone even surprised to learn that a new season means a new Battle Pass? The Boosted Battle Pass comes with some amazing skins, and as usual, there are two tiers: free and premium. The Premium Tier is where all the cool stuff is. If you finish the Premium Tier Battle Pass then you will recover all the Apex Coins (+50 more) you used to buy it. This is perfect for those that regularly play the game. This Apex Legends Battle Pass has a total of 110 Tiers, and thankfully, they are not too grindy.


Quests are returning in Season 6... well not exactly. You can still collect Treasure Packs and unlock rewards, but this time there no extra missions that you can do. You will only unlock illustrated comics that will tell you more about the world. So if you care about Apex Legends lore, then you might want to read them.


Season 6 brought tons of balancing changes to the game. We have already covered them in our previous article over here. PS: Recon Class is now much better.


We all know how useless the Precision Choke was in the game after the Peacekeeper became a Supply Drop weapon. The only use for Precision Choke was with Triple Take. Respawn was aware of this, which is why they have added the PC into Triple Take by default. The hop-up was already present on the Peacekeeper by default. However, now you can turn the hop-up on and off just like Select Fire. Triple Take mains will not have to beg for the Choke hop-up anymore.

The beloved R99 weapon is now a Supply Drop weapon (just like PK). The damage of the weapon is increased to 12 and ammo capacity to 32. The ammo reserve is now limited to 160 only. Keep in mind that R99 will not use light ammo anymore, it will use special ammo like PK and Kraber.

Some of the old players will remember this. The previously removed Extended Energy Mags and Turbocharger Hop-up are back in the game. Havoc and Devotion players will love this change. Now if only Respawn will be a pal and bring back my Disruptor Rounds.

That’s not all, as the Devotion is not a Supply Drop weapon anymore. You can pick it up from the ground just like the old days. It will use Energy Ammo and can be upgraded with the Extended Energy Mag and Turbo Charger.


Several of the fully fitted weapons have been removed from the loot pool. Guns like DMR, Hemlok, Spitfire, EVA-8, and RE-45 will not have a golden version anymore. They all have been replaced by fully kitted versions of Devotion, Mastiff, Triple Take, Flatline, and Volt.


Not a lot of changes have been made here. The stack size of sniper ammo is increased to 24 from the previous 16, and you will also pick up 12 bullets in one go instead of eight. The energy ammo pickup amount is reduced by ten bullets, and now one energy ammo stack on the ground will only have 20 bullets.


The update also brought many balancing changes for several weapons. We have already covered this in another article. You can check that out over here.


Sometimes new players can get confused by Supply Drop weapons and fully kitted weapons, both of which are marked as yellow. This update will make it easy to make the distinction. From now on, Supply Drops weapons will be red, and fully kitted weapons will remain yellow.

The new Season 6 also brought performance increases for World's Edge. I know a lot of players suffered from low frames per second in certain places. The devs improved the performance in some special areas like The Tree, The Dome, and Skyhook.

As expected, the update also brought tons of bug fixes. You can read about them via the official site.

So what do you think? Are you excited about Apex Legends Season 6? Are you more interested in Rampart or the new Volt? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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