Apex Legends Season 11 Gives Wattson Multiple Buffs

Apex Legends Season 2 is almost upon us, with fans eagerly awaiting the debut of the newest legend, Wattson.
Apex Legends Season 2 is almost upon us, with fans eagerly awaiting the debut of the newest legend, Wattson. Respawn Entertainment

The Season 11 of Apex Legends, Escape, is only a couple of days away. The highly anticipated season will bring a new legend, map, and much more. As you would expect from a new season, there are tons of balancing changes, and thankfully, it includes changes to Wattson.

Apex players have been asking for a Wattson buff for some time. In this upcoming season, many of her abilities have been improved. Bugs related to her are also addressed.

The damage caused by crossing her Perimeter Fence is increased to 20 from the previous 15. The recharge time is decreased to 15 seconds, and the placement range is increased by 50%. Her ultimate ability, Interception Pylon, received several changes. She can now only place one Pylon at a time instead of three. However, they will last forever unless shot down. They will only recharge 250 Shield HP instead of unlimited Shield HP.

Sadly, the new season only brings changes to Wattson. No other legend has been tweaked. You can read the changes in great detail below.

  • Improved the reliability and responsiveness of placing Wattson's Tactical and Ultimate in-world objects.
  • Wattson can place her Tactical and Ultimate objects on valid surfaces above Wattson's eye level (to a reasonable extent).
  • General hitbox size increase to compensate for the removal of low profile in the Legacy update.
Tactical - Perimeter Defense
  • Increased debuff duration on crossing a Fence by 100%. (1.5 to 3 seconds)
  • Increased the time allowance to be hit again by a subsequent Fence effect by 100%. (0.5 to 1 second).
  • Decreased the delay between Fences shutting off and reactivating after an ally passes through them by 60%. (1.0 > 0.4 seconds)
  • Wattson now moves at Unarmed-speed while readying/placing Fence nodes.
  • Fence nodes can now be placed as soon as the weapon is readied, instead of waiting for the animation to finish.
Ultimate - Interception Pylon
  • The Pylon output has been significantly reworked.
    • Increased the Pylon shield recharge rate by 150%, and smoothed regen rate. (2/second > 5/second, or more accurately: 1/0.5 seconds > 1/0.2 seconds)
    • When a Pylon is out of Shields, it no longer recharges players' Shields but can still zap incoming ordnance.
    • Taking damage while regenerating Shields via the Pylon delays continued regeneration by 1 second.
  • The UI on the ground and HUD elements now displays the amount of Shields that remain in the Pylon.
  • Pinging a friendly Pylon will now display the percentage of Shields remaining in the Pylon.
  • Pylon ordnance-zapping has been moderately reworked.
    • Ordnance is now zapped when the Pylon detects that it would hit any surface within range and line of sight of the Pylon, instead of being zapped as soon as it comes within range.
    • As a part of the changes, current issues where the Pylon doesn't reliably zap ordnance (particularly concerning airstrike abilities, and ordnance that bounced off surfaces near the Pylon) should now be addressed.

You can check out the other changes that the update brings from the official site.

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